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  1. Yes, Dear Sad, indeed. What I did back there was during Initial Freak-Out, followed closely by Deer-In-Headlights; however, this in neither time/place to start pity-partying or swan-dives off my wagon. Time to read, discern, learn, and pass it on. I did the USPO Overnights because my POS-mailing friend is 3k miles on a different Coast, and I had wasted too much time in Sept/Oct feeling sorry for myself rather than actually reading/learning here, and I had one day left to file GD with the Court. Learning as I go along-- all my fury aside, it's morbidly fascinating. I love lear
  2. Aha, will do! Thank you so much for outlining all that! And very good to know about that GD deadline in general, though I'll still go the CMRRR route since they'll be getting a friendly BOP with all the above. And I think CMRRR just will, unfortunately costs aside, be necessary on all correspondence anyways, otherwise JDBs would just waste my time & money between Staples & post office AGAIN by saying they never got something. I simply do not understand how somebody can make a career out of lying, but hey, this ain't the time/place to philosophize. Onward and upward!!!
  3. BLAM!!! 4 hours later right now, the attached BS arrived in my snail-mail box: UNIFUND/Resurgence letter playing dumb, saying I never sent them my GD. I'll refrain from my usual cussing and pounding tiny fists of fury and simply move on like a rational adult: The very first mistake I clearly made was having my POS-sending pal do USPO Overnight Delivery with my GD last month --not CMRRR, or even Overnight w/signature confirmation-- because I was under sever time constraint and thought Overnight would cover all that anyways for the $25 price, like FedEx would... but
  4. Oh indeed, I'm not surprised if every dirty trick in of the book gets attempted by JDBs. The IRS/CFTB taught me very well to even sign original documents in blue ink vs. black-- don't tell me it's not an original signature! Idiots (especially in the days of GASP colored printers. Such a moot point, but oh boy did they try it.) All rightey, I reckon I'll do the fresh GD and BOP to Portfolio in one fell swoop, save $7, and then file the GD in Chatsworth next month. I'll start that case's thread separately from this one as well-- Portfolio's Cause of Action, if I'm now understan
  5. Thank you so much! I spent 8 hours here yesterday going from posts to posts to links etc. til I had to restart my browser a few times, from having too many pages open, heh. Having gotten past my initial freak-out phase, this whole new world is perversely fascinating, and I'm loving learning as I crawl along here. Is there any reason I couldn't/shouldn't have my POS-friend CMRRR the BOP to Portfolio in the same envelope/time as a GD to them, to save on two different postage costs, while I then wait a few more weeks (within the 30 days, naturally) to actually file Portfolio's GD at
  6. Not worried about any GDs, it's the BOP's next, and how I'll manage to fill those out, crickey, that is my next learning curve. But I know I can get through, thanks to this Site and you. Thank you so much, you're probably sick of hearing this, but: thank you. Meanwhile, : SoCal-- please stay safe. Stay hydrated. I'm now only coming across Tweets (I generally don't deal with "social media," but now in my face) how to foster displaced two-and four-leg'eds/furries/fuzzies/paws in need of help. Please feel free to PM me any time r.e. this around West Los Angeles.
  7. Thank you very much, BV80. Myself, I'll be fine --surrounded by miles of city to three sides and Pacific to the West-- but I know two families whose Malibu homes are (were) right in that huge red zone on the map. Was raining ashes here by the SMO on Friday/Saturday and the sky went dark at 3pm. It was the fotos of the horses tied to the Lifeguard Towers that for some reason really get me. Praying all day for the so many affected and for the so many who are helping. Even Santa Monica, notorious for its strict parking laws, declared all permits/meters/hours invalid for time being in order
  8. Muchas gracias! I just deleted those attachments above to save a wee bit on this most gracious server's space. I'll also start a separate thread for the Portfolio/Barclays (though I'll myself refer between that and this one already afoot here as I go along)-- save on confusion between the two cases, and also maybe help other noobs who stumble across this site. I don't think anybody arrives here because they're having a great day and, as such, if anything like me, probably has head spinning and pounding til it starts to very slowly make sense, the whole learning curve of these laws. Hav
  9. Ah, yes-- unfortunately, they did include those bills of sales as well, but I hadn't been sure yesterday if I'd be going overboard by posting them. Now I understand how important they are... and here they are. Moreover, in the dark around 7:30 last night, "somebody" left a nice fresh summons, this time from Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC for a Barclay's card, on my porch in the dark. Guess the JDB Whack-A-Mole game has officially begun. Curious if they'll bother to mail me something in 10 days or just, as I'd imagine, probably get away with it if they don't and I failed to
  10. I kid thee not! Less than 5 minutes ago, I found your thread with tommarty r.e. precisely the same-- you're the bestest, thank you!!!
  11. Hi there, tommarty-- funny thing, I'm in L.A. with my own Unifund CCR LLC / Citibank hell going on, trial got set for late next summer as well and now was searching around the site for that Cali BOP too. Found it! Just wanted to say-- you're not alone :-) Though I'm not sure I'd want to go anywhere near that Chatsworth Courthouse right now-- Topanga Cyn Rd? Mulholland? How about NO :-( And thank you @sadinca Your relentless arse-out-bailing across SoCal continues! So much appreciated!!!
  12. You might have fun taking a gander at the 419eater site. Some wonderful portraiture of fish over in their trophy room. My favorite shenanigan was changing my BofA credit card's phone number to a BofA branch's phone when their collectors started calling me at ungodly hours. Apparently, the buggers still haven't figured it out, as I've encountered radio silence (at least from that bunch, anyways.) Awwww.
  13. Hello again. First and foremost, if you're still out there, Sad, I hope you & yours are all well and safe. The Thousand Oaks atrocity and the devastating fires both NorCal & South-- heartbreaking last few weeks. Prayers for all-- x I'm attaching the Cause of Action from Unifund/Resurgence, followed by partial Exhibits A and B. I've scanned the whole package this morning, but I'm currently omitting the full A & B aside from their first pages as I'm unsure if those are relevant here/yet. It does seem to me that their own "Exhibits" don't prove much liability agains
  14. Ok, now... that is a bit interesting. Comparing the two, what I have on my desk v. what I see yours online, my "Summons"from UNIFUND (prepared by RESURGENCE LEGAL GROUP,PC) my former seems, to me, a bit more ill-prepared than your latter sample. BTW-- Please forgive me, Sad, when I do not respond as rapidly as I sporadically post here. It does not mean that I don't read CI, or that I merely "cry for help... WOLF!!!" and then promptly disappear in ultimate L.A.-Flakiness once my current problem is temporarily placated with that General Denial / newbie post which you resolved. I g
  15. I've zero doubt that there will be more. That's ok. Tomorrow, I'll upload some files of the complaint, once I figure out how this site works (still new here.) (I like knowing that Big Sister is watching, that cracks me up to no end!) Thank you for the leads/links to BOP and //homelessness. They both make me want to cry and to scream at the same time. Just some white-a$$ middle-class college-educated Chowdahead who "did everything right!!!" from the start... until it went completely sideways just about 5 years ago, and I tanked just alongside the banks.
  16. I'll keep Mr. Chowdhudy's name on tap. Thank you. The first Cause of Action appears on page 4 of 74, "Plaintiff refers to Paragraphs 1 through 14, and by this reference..." etc., I'm sure you know the drill. It goes on, page 5, "Within the last four years, an account was stated by and between the charge off creditor and Defendant(s), and each of them, wherein it stated that said Defendant(s), and each of them, were indebted to the charge off creditor in the sum of XXXXXXX. Plainfiff is the current holder and assignee of the Account." Looks like "void for vagueness to me," i
  17. The way I understand it: Unifund CCR LLC took it upon themselves to harass me, to intimidate me, to cause me unsubstantiated harm (medical records,) to harass my neighbors and family (phone records,) to cause me loss of gasoline/time/travel etc. I would like to counter-sue Unifund (is that the proper legalese? probably not, but you know what I'm getting at here, yes?) I remain in the rather unusual and certainly interesting situation to have my court-filing fees be waiver'ed at this time. While I still have that condition, I'd like to pursue the next step in suing Unifund right the
  18. Hello again :-) The cause of actions is a credit card c.$3.5k I might or might not have abandoned paying a few years ago-- its alleged debt got sold from Citi to Unifund via 47 pages I do not understand. I just had to google "cause of actions," so I hope this sentence answers your question.
  19. Served and filed. BLAM! My 30-day-allowance to respond to my initial Summons (issued 9/6) happened to be upon a weekend (10/6-7,) followed by ever-convenient Columbus Day, Cali courts closed Monday. So I drove it all to Chatsworth Courthouse today. Play that game very well. Interesting-- apparently, according to my University of Internet, L.A. County has designated Chatsworth (a.k.a. East A**, The Valley,) mostly for credit/debt disputes. Unless you live directly in The Valley, believe me, there is no easy route to get to Chatsworth. 26 miles at 06:30 a.m. one way took me 1.5 hours
  20. I cannot even express how much it means to me, in this world full of liars, thieves, and charlatans, to have found this site with strangers who want to help strangers who got themselves stuck in the suck. Whatever happens with my case, it is already such an indescribably immense relief to know there there are support and resources here. Thank you! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend in our beloved whack-a-doodle Calif, and I'll be back!
  21. YES!!! Right ballpark, not too late today to get some good news after all! Thank you! YES! Will do the POS and GD this way. I have somebody whom I trust (with my life, because he's saved it literally and figuratively more than a few times over the years,) and we'll get this sorted over the weekend in time for the 30 days. We have our ways, have been through worse, and will get through this too. BLAM! Glock = 1, JDB = 0. THANK YOU! I'll keep you apprised how this Wonderland unfolds... so long as I don't lose my head by panicking, in a perverse kind of way, this could beco
  22. Oh lawdy... ok. I'll just babystep here, one thing at a time Just called another process server who seemed more clueless than me, wow; however, NOW it's become my understanding that ANYBODY (my relative) could simply MAIL my General Denial (USPO overnight, as I'm running out of time) to Resurgence in Cypress and then mail the Proof of Service to me, and I won't need to hire somebody expensive to do that here in person. THEN, I can drive my lovely original GD and POS to the Courthouse first thing next week and wait for the JDB's next move for the nightmare list above... am I in the ri
  23. Nope, there's nobody to help, unless I found some clown for cash on CraigsList and wanted to risk becoming the victim in the next true-crime reenactment show. Won't do it. Just called an LA server who could do it for starting at $150 (Cypress is a long way from us,) but she was very helpful and referred me to her colleague in Orange County, so that's my next call. Fun on a Friday. Yeah, this ain't going to be cheap for me, but even $150 now would be cheaper than a $3.5k default judgement if I just kept sitting here freaking out-- that's why I was wondering if anybody has ever cou
  24. Wow, that was fast. THANK YOU! Unfortunately, my friends and family are 3,000 miles away, friendly LA hasn't been very friendly for 20 years-- so a process server I reckon it'll have to be, looking like $100+. Better get out my last 2 credit cards, ha. (Sick joke, but trying to smile rather than cry.)