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  1. I had a partial win. They didn't show up for court ordered judicial arbitration in California. I in turn filed a motion for sanctions. After I filed the motion for sanctions they dismissed the case without prejudice and the court still heard the motion and I won a couple hundred dollars. LVNV Sanction Motion .pdf
  2. They didn't show up and I won my motion for sanctions against them. It's only $272 but I won, nonetheless. Fight back, folks! LVNV Sanction Motion .pdf
  3. Well, they did file the trial de novo and I filed a motion for monetary sanctions for their failure to appear in good faith and they dismissed the case. I have attached the dismissal below.
  4. Hello All, LVNV did file a trial de novo as expected however, I filed a motion for monetary sanctions in the amount of $3,500 for their failure to attend the arbitration hearing and they immediately filed a request to dismiss the case. Hmmm, I know they will be back and if not them one of the other pretender debt collectors with phony assignments and BS. When they rear their ugly heads I will be ready. Good luck to all of you and may God Bless you and your Journey with these lying thieves. LVNV Request for dismissal .pdf
  5. I think you misunderstood this case. It was judicial non-binding arbitration. They paid nothing as the court will refer certain cases to arbitration at no charge in California.
  6. Well, I also filed a complaint with the CFPB and I think between my brief and the filing of my complaint right before the arb hearing they bailed. I checked online today and they have responded to the CFPB asking for more time, lol. I could be wrong but I don't think they will file because I could argue and oppose that they did not commit to the arbitration in good faith but no call, no show. That is a basic requirement is to show good faith.
  7. I just wrote this whole post and it disappeared. Ugh!! but in a nut shell LVNV did not show up at the hearing and the arbitrator and I waited 30 mins, no call no show and I just got my confirmation letter (see attached) lvnv arb award to Defendent.pdf
  8. They have 30 or 60 days (I can't remember) to request a trial de novo. So we shall see. Hopefully they take the loss and move on and out of my life.
  9. I think the most important part of my arbitration brief that made them no show is when I wrote this as my conclusion: Without live testimony from a qualified custodian of records from each entity in the assignment chain, Plaintiff will fail to authenticate the documents from LVNV Funding LLC and Resurgent Capital Services as "business records" falling under the business records exception to the Hearsay Rule. Because Plaintiff cannot succeed on its claims without these documents, Plaintiff is not entitled to any recovery on its Complaint. Plaintiff’s methods involving this case are at a minimum frivolous, unethical, unconscionable, and akin to acts of moral turpitude bordering criminal activities. Pretending to have information of an alleged debt, filing a lawsuit without the proper documents, using deceit, deception and trickery is demonstrative of unclean hands and fraud upon the court. Finally, Plaintiff completely fails to demonstrate that it has rights to collect and sue on XXXX’s purported account. For these reasons, defendant respectfully requests that the arbitrator enter judgment in favor of XXXX.
  10. P.S. The arbitrator called their office the day before and twice while we were waiting. No attorney every got on the phone just the secretary asking for a continuance and the arbitrator said NO. He said the Defendant is here and has been waiting and we are not waiting any longer. I mean who does that-no call no show. SMH
  11. No one responded to my question but I wanted to update those that may need to hear this. I wrote my arbitration brief which should be attached and LVNV's legal counsel failed to show up and after waiting 30 mins the arbitrator ruled in my favor. I believe that they did not show up because I called them out on their only piece of evidence which was a declaration that I completely tore apart. Good luck out there and may God Bless us all!
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