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  1. Thank you for the info! I figured it was unlikely. Since they are currently still processing my taxes they can't even do a second garnishment until this one is complete right? I don't even have a bank account or a job to be garnished so that's why I was thinking beyond that as to what they may take. Thank you for the help! I appreciate it. It's frustrating when I don't know!
  2. Yeah its my husband's and I's only vehicle so they couldn't take it. He uses it for work so if they still want to get paid.. Lol. I tried to find Michigan laws, but no luck. Wouldn't they have to tell me before they did that though? Or if they did attempt it I could pay off the debt before it came to that right?
  3. I'm only more concered over my truck like what they could do now. Because I'm not losing it over $330 lol I don't even think that's legal. I'll be making my payment anyways I was just curious.. If they wanted to wait til I got a job to take their measly $330 I'd be okay with that.
  4. I won't ever sell my truck anyways, it's my baby lol. But geeze over $330, that's pathetic.. I don't own a home, I rent. They still haven't received my taxes yet, but I know they're getting them.
  5. Hello all, So over a year ago I entered into a payment plan after I was summoned. I missed my payment this month, and the firm who was assigned by the creditor, emailed me today saying I have 7 days to make my payment or they'll "proceed with all post-judgment remedies." So my question is... I am going to make my payment obviously. But my question is... I don't work at the moment, nor do I have any bank accounts for them to come after. What could they even take at that point? Also I should note that they currently are still processing the state tax garnishment so I don't think they can even double down and garnish something else..even if I had something for them to take. I only owe $330 too and I do own my truck... but it's over 10yrs old and values at probably $18k or so.. and I know they can't take that over $330 lol. Pretty ridiculous to even hound someone over that small amount. So I'm just curious what they could even get.. This is in Michigan by the way. Thank you, any help and info would be greatly appreciated
  6. Lmao That's very true! I knew she was incorrect! That case was closed, but whatever floats her boat..
  7. Yeah that wouldn't be bad to get it all dismissed, possibly. I actually had a funny story to share about them and wanted some thoughts.... So as I said it was dismissed. Well I needed a two-week extension to pay and so I set that up. But for some reason it wasn't showing on their end so it looked as if I missed my last payment even though it's due the 2nd.. The representative on the phone said it's all done electronically on the computers, so if I miss a payment they can go ahead and get a judgment on me. She mentioned the summons and complaint they had filed and was rambling on about that and then getting a judgment for missing. And I almost started laughing because if I stop paying, they have to sue me again since it was dismissed. Am I right? She had no idea what she was talking about lmao. She kept telling me I was making payments on the 7th and I never have...
  8. I looked up the agreement online and I'm not 100% what it means. It does say I have to pay to initiate it if I read it correctly. But like you said I'm now in a new agreement with them. I'm so new to all this so the arb stuff isn't something I've done before! There's two agreements listed under the unsecured side. They're both the same too!
  9. It's ok, these people didn't waste any time lmao. I had the card and then couldn't make payments and they sued me like within a year and a half or so of having opened the card. Am I still able to arb even though I basically agreed to the debt since I've been paying on it? It's thru Shermeta Law Group via Merrick Bank.
  10. Okay thank you for the info! Yeah I was surprised they didn't file an answer and then this happened. I am still paying as agreed, but what happens if I just stop paying since it was dismissed? They can't do anything except me sue again? I imagine that time around they wouldn't work with me lmao. So we won't let that happen! It's funny because when I set it up the lady on the phone said "you don't want to miss any payments!" I'm glad it was just dismissed so I can just pay it off and have it done with.
  11. I think that's hilarious they actually serve people by the newspaper! I've never heard of that.. I don't even read it lol. I've been served two times before but it never was in person.. They did it by slapping it on my door and thru the mail lol. Would have been 3x but they couldn't properly serve me so case was closed.
  12. Okay thank you! What do you mean alternative service?
  13. It appears they filed to sue me as of the 26th.... Yay! It'll take them time to find me and serve me though. So I'll just keep waiting I assume?
  14. What does this mean? I was sued by Shermeta Law Group and so I called them and set up a payment arrangement. Granted I didn't realize I could have fought this thru arb possibly. But anyways, I set up an arrangement with them for $50 a month and that was that. I never answered with the court because the lady at the court house said if I settle with them I do not have too.. so I didn't and it appears they didn't either because it said "Notice of Intent to Dismiss Filed" which came in the mail about a month ago. Said 28 days to resolve and I didn't do anything. And now it says it's closed. "Notice for non-serv/no progress issued" and then "Dismissal for lack of progress entered." So what does this mean? I'm not sure why they didn't file anything but I was told I didn't have too and I feel that was wrong. Any help is appreciated. Thank you all!
  15. Okay thank you! Yeah they sent a little 8x11 packet...lmao.