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  1. @fisthardcheese new PM's sent... confirmed violations found and identified.
  2. @fisthardcheese i sent you another PM with a possible FDCPA violation.
  3. @fisthardcheese sent you another PM.... Time to play hardball... I'll ride this thing all they way to the end. I owe nothing to these people! Just need a little guidance.....
  4. @fisthardcheese you read this, I'm sure you have.
  5. This is the break down of the fees and refunds from a arbitrator, they are all basically the same except the hourly rate varies from arb to arb... just for a reference in the future. reading through this they may follow all the way till the refund opportunity runs dry or up to the days before the hearing...
  6. This is the break down of the fees and refunds from a arbitrator, they are all basically the same except the hourly rate varies from arb to arb... just for a reference in the future.
  7. @Harry Seaward @BV80 @fisthardcheese Got a email the other day wanting to schedule initial conference call with the Arb and PRA. I asked if PRA paid the intial retainer fee and asked how much it was. No response yet, but if they're scheduling the initial conference call I'm assuming it was paid??? Wow.... guess the fight is on.... any suggestions?
  8. Makes sense, i'm hoping I can close mine out soon also. @robf270 Congrats bud! Glad it worked out for you!
  9. @robf270 I would send them over a offer settlement for $0, mutual dismissal with prejudice and a agreement that once the court case has been dropped you will then drop the JAMS case. @fisthardcheese @Harry Seaward what do you think? Sounds like he won this one!!!!
  10. Same boat... they sent them the bill, the arbitrator was chosen... but not assigned until the bill is paid i assume...
  11. @fisthardcheese @Brotherskeeper @Pericles I have the 100% refund etc in the language in each of the arbitrators resumes I was given. I copy and pasted it below: " ARBITRATION FEES Filing Fee $1,500 - Two Party Matter $2,000 - Matters involving three or more parties $1,500 - Counterclaims • Entire filing fee must be paid in full to expedite the commencement of the proceedings • A refund of $600 will be issued if the matter is withdrawn within five days of filing. After five days, the Filing Fee is non-refundable. Case Management Fee 12% of Professional Fees Professional Fees include time spent for hearings, pre- and post-hearing reading and research, and award preparation, The Case Management Fee includes access to an exclusive nationwide panel of judges, attorneys, and other ADR experts, dedicated services including all administration through the duration of the case, document handling, and use of JAMS conference facilities including after hours and on-site business support. Weekends and holidays are subject to additional charges. FEES FOR OTHER MATTERS (Discovery, Special Master, Reference, Appraisal and Neutral Analysis Matters) Initial non-refundable fee of $600 per party Plus 12% of Professional Fees CANCELLATION/CONTINUANCE POLICY Cancellation/Continuance Period Fee 1 to 2 days.. 30 days or more prior to hearing.. 100% REFUNDABLE, except for time incurred 3 to 5 days. 45 days or more prior to hearing. 100% REFUNDABLE, except for time incurred 5 days or more ..... ... 60 days or more prior to hearing.... .. 100% REFUNDABLE, except for time incurred Hearings of any length... ............. ............ Inside the cancellation/continuance period............NON-REFUNDABLE Unused hearing time is non-refundable. Hearing fees are non-refundable if time scheduled (or a portion thereof) is cancelled or continued after the cancellation date unless the Arbitrator's time can be rescheduled with another matter. The cancellation policy exists because time reserved and later cancelled generally cannot be replaced. In all cases involving non-refundable time, the cancelling or continuing party is responsible for the fees of all parties. A retainer for anticipated preparation and follow-up time will be billed to the parties. Any unused portion will be refunded. All fees are due and payable upon receipt of invoice and payment must be received in advance of hearing. JAMS reserves the right to cancel your hearing if fees are not paid by all parties by the applicable cancellation date and JAMS confirms the cancellation in writing. Receipt of payment for all fees is required prior to service of an arbitration order or award. For arbitrations arising out of employer-promulgated plans, the only fee that an employee may be required to pay is $400. The employer must bear the remainder of the employee's share of the filing fee and all Case Management Fees. Any questions or disagreements about whether a matter arises out of an employer-promulgated plan or an individually negotiated agreement or contract will be determined by JAMS, whose determination shall be final. For arbitrations arising out of pre-dispute arbitration clauses between companies and individual consumers, JAMS Policy on Consumer Arbitrations Pursuant to Pre-Dispute Clauses, Minimum Standards of Procedural Fairness applies. In those cases, when a consumer (as defined by those Minimum Standards) initiates arbitration against the company, the only fee required to be paid by the consumer is $250. The company must bear the remainder of the consumer's share of the filing fee and all Case Management Fees. Parties that, through mutual agreement, have held their case in abeyance for one year will be a$$essed an annual abeyance fee of $500, and $500 every six months thereafter. If a party refuses to pay the assessed fee, the other party or parties may opt to pay the entire fee on behalf of all parties, otherwise the matter will be closed. JAMS panelists may use a law clerk depending on the complexity of the case. The parties will be informed at the onset of the engagement if the neutral plans to employ a clerk. The clerk's hourly rate will be billed to the parties subject to the agreed fee split and in accordance with JAMS' policies. " This is the same info across all the arbitrators I was give to select from, I'm assuming @robf270 had the same info in all of his... only thing that differed was the hourly rate vs daily rate and the individuals resume you could look up on JAMS.