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  1. True. Especially for medical doctors. I understand they have scribble signatures but this one is just different. Or probably he signed it on a signature pad. Just a little off topic, for fun 🙂
  2. 😂 that's what I thought! Been thinking about this route. Thank you!
  3. I looked him up, he graduated in 2018. But to my understanding, the new young lawyers might more aggressive. They try to prove themselves worthy, you know. And I think the company knows that too, that’s why they gave it to him.
  4. @Harry Seawardpossibly they just randomly picked the accounts in bulk without even checking. And too bad one of them was me. I did not expect it!
  5. I think I'd try arbitration this time. Time to study it again. Thank you for your support and suggestion.
  6. I used discovery which I made my own based on the questions of the judge.
  7. SOL is supposed to be expired next year, so I guess they’re trying hard to race with the time! That attorney who’s assigned to this case just graduated last year when I looked him up and doesn’t even have a good signature as a lawyer should have. Thank you for your response and suggestions @Clydesmom, I’ll look into it.
  8. It was in December 2018, my case was dismissed without prejudice. But, yesterday I got served again. This is the link to my thread The same company, PRA, using the same attorney Rausch Sturm sued me again for the same debt. It's not even a year ago this case was dismissed! I'm now skeptical if someone told me that they won't file again anytime soon after the case was dismissed. RAUSCH STURM sounds very evil to me, don't y'all think? 😁 Please, any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Just call or email them and ask how much they want to settle. Don't just take their words if you talk to them on the phone, everything has to be on the papers/in writing. Don't be afraid, a lot of experts and knowledgeable people here would help and guide you. Veel succes!
  10. Just an update. I don't know if they'd refile it again, but I'm ready and do it right next time but for now...at least I can sleep better. Thanks to this forum and great, knowledgeable members here, I didn't feel alone and the amount of resources here is just massive and very informative. Thank you!
  11. That’s actually my initial plan before decided for discovery. I’ll consider this again. Thanks.
  12. Seriously. I screwed it up. It’s done. If I lose then it’s fine but I do appreciate your helps. You’re a great resources, your knowledge is greater than mine but I’m not a dumbass like you might think. Honestly, the language is the barrier here since English is not my native language, my native language is dutch but that doesn’t make me a person who hard to comprehend other people’s explanation. Try to stand in my shoes, than you know what I mean. Anyway, thanks again. The world and this forum need more people like you.
  13. That’s what I told the judge exactly, admission, interrogatories and request for production but then he said ‘be more specific’. Thank you for your time and helps.
  14. Just an update to my thread and case, went to the hearing today, the plaintiff’s attorney didn’t show up! So they proceeded with the hearing and its approved. It only took 5 minutes to talk to the judge! Got the paper also from the court. I hope this looks good. Or did I screw it up? Needs opinion and suggestion, please. @texasrocker
  15. I wonder why they chose County Court instead of JOP? I wish mine was filed at County Court so I can just send them Discovery without the court approval/hearing first.
  16. Filed my answer on Friday the 19th. with General Denial. As for notification for their attorney, I mailed the attorney a copy of my general denial the same day. After I gathered lots of valuable information from this forum, I’ve decided to take Discovery as my strategy instead of Arbitration since the amount that PRA asks for is over 9k. Will request Motion For Discovery tomorrow and hopefully the judge will approve my request, fingers crossed. We’ll see how it goes. @texasrocker thank you for your help and guides, I really appreciate it. @nobk4me thank you for your sample of certificate of service. Y'all are awesome!
  17. Thank you. Where to get a certificate of service?
  18. Ok, thank you so much! So general denial is my answer to the summons right?
  19. Hi @texasrocker, could I use this strategy instead of arbitration? Please check my thread up. Too many to read but I have too little time. Thank you and I appreciate your time and help. @Proverbs, I'm sorry I didn't mean to hijack your thread.
  20. Thank you for the heads up and suggestions. Since the amount they seek to squeeze from me is almost 10k, yeah I’m afraid they won’t give it up easily.
  21. To my understanding, my answer would be MTC and at the same time file the arbitration either using JAMS or AAA, is it correct? I read the card agreement and it says I can use either JAMS or AAA. Which one is better? also, do I need to notice the PRA's attorney? I wonder what I can expect after I file my answer and arbitration. I tried to read and gather as much information as I can but, the more I read the more I get confused. Too many to read and time keeps running out.
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