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  1. Being sued by Midland Funding and hoping to get them in arbitration. My questions are 1. Who pays the initial arbitration fee? 2. Who pays the ongoing fees? 3. If I lose, am I responsible for the cost of the other party as well?
  2. That is what I was thinking too, but who would be responsible for the arbitration fees? Me or the JDB? Also, if that is denied and I go to trail, and lose, am I responsible for all their attorney fees? Is it better to settle?
  3. In Michigan it is in District Court - NOT SMALL CLAIMS. I called and asked, they said lawyers are not allowed in small claims, so they are forced to file in DISTRICT court.
  4. I've attached the lawsuit, please tell me how you would answer... SC454e_108118101517020.pdf
  5. I did, The 2017 Visa is 199 pages long. ALSO, can you look at my new post "Answers and Affirmative Defenses"
  6. Seriously???? It's 200 pages!!!!! That's 20 dollars per copy! What happens if I just submit only the Arbitration pages, that's about 8 pages.
  7. Thanks you BrothersKeeper, I have been reading so many threads here I have lost count. I am writing it right now and will post as soon as I'm done. I' m looking to challenge 1. Jurisdiction and force arbitration 2. Standing QUESTION: Do I have to print out the entire Credit One Bank contract or just the arbitration clause?
  8. Okay so Im going to print out the agreement for the year in question and submit it with my motion.
  9. 1. Got Midland suit in the mail 2 weeks ago. 2. Got a 2nd one 2 weeks later titled "Order Regarding Alternate Service" and "Second Summons and Complaint" It is for the same credit card and same amount. Only difference is the "Second Complaint" includes more statements and a black page that reads "Exibit A" following all the statements and affidavids it sent before
  10. Do I file an 1. Motion to dismiss, standing, 2. Motion to compell arbitration 3. Answers 4 Some combination of all the above? Im being sued by midland for 650 dollars.
  11. Harry it is a Visa if that matters. Are you saying I can elect arbitration ? Does that mean they are suing me in distrct court? How do I ask? Do I attach the 2016 contract and ask for arbitration WITH answers to their claims?
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