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  1. Still hoping for advice. I couldn't find the 2015 agreement.
  2. I also discovered this agreement, which has an ordinary claims exception. I'm not sure that arbitration will be an option for me after all. I'm going to try and find the 2015 agreement, but I don't know if I'll be successful.
  3. 2015 would be the applicable year, but the only agreement I was able to find online is here. The arbitration provision allows that I may request arbitration through NAF or AAA. The only concern I have is the line that says: [Edit]: I didn't think I could be held liable for the cost of arbitration.
  4. Hi Clydesmom, thanks for your response. I was just served. I believe I understand everything you've said. So now I need to respond to the suit by denying it and prepare to go to court, where I would file a MTC?
  5. After a lot of researching, I have some more specific questions: (1) Should I wait to be served before contacting the jdb? (2) If I am served and want to proceed with a strategy of arbitration, should my first step be a MTC in response to the summons? (3) I can't find the credit card agreement with First National Bank of Omaha from the year I received the CC, but later years seem to allow arbitration? I believe this means that arbitration is actually an option for me? (4) Aside from the possibility that the jdb does follow me into arbitration and judgement is entered agains
  6. Hi, everyone. I haven't been served yet, but I received a spate of mailers from local law offices informing me that I'm being sued by Absolute Resolutions Investment, who are represented by Stenger & Stenger. I called Absolute Resolutions to gather more information. They purchased the debt from The First National Bank of Omaha in 2017. I don't know what amount they are claiming is owed, but it couldn't be more than ~1000. I'm wondering how to proceed. I would be grateful for any input.