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  1. I'll be seeking out an attorney on Monday. How can this company get a judgement against me without my knowledge? Wouldn't I have had to have been served some kind of court papers to appear and to speak on my behalf. To dispute all this and ask for proof of this debt? Something? And they have the nerve to offer an "Alternative To Deposition" An offer to pay debt at 20% balance reduction by certain date to forget about all this. For a debt I have no knowledge of. I went to the County courthouse website to try to search for some info, anything, and the docket # on the letter is not a valid docket #.
  2. I received a certified letter yesterday from Hayt, Hayt & Landau on behalf of their client Midland Funding, reads it is a "Notice of Deposition in Aid of Execution" I am to appear approx 15 days in court and to bring various documents as proof of income & personal property. This is for a debt that I have no recollection of. It is not on my credit report. This letter came out of nowhere. It states the original creditor is Citibank. I honestly don't remember having a Citibank card, perhaps it was a department store card that Citibank owned, IDK? The letter is not notarized, so I don't even know if this is legit or just some sort of scare tactic from these lawyers. Maybe this sort of request doesn't need to be notarized? What I need to know is what do I do now? What is my next step? I don't recall this debt. If it is a department store card, it is way way old debt. It is not on my credit report. Isn't there a SOL to this? I have nothing, no property, no money, nothing. I lost my job in 2010 & became a full time caregiver for my parents.That job did not pay in dollars. My last parent just passed in April. No life insurance. I need help. Please. Thank you. Quote Edit
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