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  1. My husband and I have been married legally for 8 years now but have been separated for 5 of those years. We only filed our taxes (federal and state) jointly 1 year, but ever since we got married in 2010, if I get any debt collection letter from the IRS, I'll get one with both mine AND his names on them in separate letters, plus the one that is addressed to him will be for years we filed taxes separately and it does not list his SSN at the top, it lists mine! I get outraged every time I see mail from the IRS. Can anyone explain, especially about the absence of his social listed with his name?
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    Why am I being listed as a spammer, what does that even mean? I'm not trying to con anyone on this site, I'm simply trying to help others in my state gain access to the same sites where I've found information that I never would have otherwise known it existed. I also had some legal questions of my own I wanted to ask about but if I have done something I don't know is wrong I'd like to have feedback telling me what it is.