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  1. Just wanted to pop in as the OP and say I appreciated the advice I was given. I did not feel confident going it alone. I did make the choice to hire the attorney and my case was dismissed which was a huge relief to me.
  2. I decided to hire cousel for PRA. If the lawyer “wins” the case and its dismissed what exactly does that mean? How are debt cases usually dismissed?
  3. I was finally served on Tuesday December 11th. I am looking at how to proceed. I know texasrocker has steps but I am not sure where the posting is .
  4. If we file ch7 do we get to keep our cars? Home? One car is 2001 honda civic just bought for my teen, paperwork done to put it in my name but not back yet. 2007 ford focus and a 2013 Dodge Avenger. The home was bought before we were married and the cars are in husbands name besides the 2001.
  5. I am thinking bankruptcy may be the way to go. After I figure out what to do with this case. I could kick myself for making such stupid decisions.
  6. Nothing is in my name, the house or cars but I am married. Couldn’t they go after my husband.
  7. When I spoke with the debt relief person he thinks that if I start now , enroll in debt relief I will still be able to include the debt that I am being sued for. I don’t know if I should do this or wait and try to make some kind of arrangements with them( PRA) My worry is they will buy other debts and just keep suing me. I don’t even work right now.
  8. I was incorrect. I looked into debt relief and based on the amount listed the creditor is capital one.
  9. So I found the case in the JP court. The creditor is American Express for $5,145 and change. How should I proceed. I am so scared.
  10. Yes but I when I check the Harris County clerks webpage with the case number nothing comes up.