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  1. so, umm here's an update since i went MIA for over a month plus. Had a dog die(one of our rescues). Several chickens die(both first time hatchlings and several adults from what looks like a virus and gentics?) this is about 19 months into raising them, kids have them all named too. Father in law goes into hospital (veteran).... then we find out he's covid positive..... My better-half and kiddos are at our lake house during this hell.... then 2 of our kiddos pop positive for covid and quarentine while down there.... a couple weeks go by & Father in law dies of covid in ICU.... The
  2. MY plan / goal is to re-read that thread (I have it saved and open in a seperate tab too) to go thru and draw a "bullit time line' of sorts to *See* the steps clearly that i have to do. then post it here as a rough drawing... Think of the "IF--> Then" charts for troubleshooting "X". (deep breath - pause -exhales slowly) I am hoping to make a clean and clear picture diagram to be uploaded for future folks to see and use as we all know... not everyone is a text based only learner. some are visual - still others are auditory..... and still others are *hands on*....(shrugs)
  3. @Brotherskeeper "Thank you." IT was stressful, I can not lie. trying to get the counties wifi to cooperate for the 1/2 hour i was there early.... got it solved like 5 minutes before the Zoom hearing. JoP was very patient as I fumbled thru the on screen settings showing that i had headphones at the ready if he couldn't here me... then getting the default to "unmute" he was actually giggling as I was fumbling thru the setup.... once it was good & solid with no lag he said something like okay, shall we begin... He wanted to clarify that I wanted to go with the MTC and w
  4. MY hearing for the "Reboot" is after lunch today. You see back in February PRA/Rausch opened to sue again in JoP court. got alternate served. Sent my "Original answer" for this 2nd case (same issue) back in February with the election of arbitration and gave a copy of the MTC along with the "original answer". So, sadly, I am going back to court over an alleged debt that was NOT dismissed with prejudice EVENTHOUGHT they no-showed the case. @fisthardcheese and @Brotherskeeper Thanks you two.... parting update....edit... got zoom installed on phone and it appears to be w
  5. okay so demand for arbitration PDF is filled out "Correctly" this time. A) I am the consumer. b) PRA LLC is the business. C) For the business representative info, I filled in some of it. -made 3 copies of the PDF Now to go through all the stuff I had setup for last court hearing weed out the chaff. I did see I had a form prefilled out for the court to use for appoval of the MTC ... i'll double check it to see if its still properly and correctly filled out. Because its a Zoom meeting - AKA video conference website; I was thinking of going over to the Jo
  6. Okay, so let me refresh. I this second go-around. my initial answer does in fact have "electing to goto arbitration".... so I should just have everything filled out and ready for the hearing and allow the judge to give approval before filing again?
  7. SO, *THAT* looks like a very legit ADHD/Dyslexic boo-boo on my part. I should of had PRA LLC as the respondant not R-L! and used the PRA virgina address info as the respondant not R-L "their atty of record". @Brotherskeeper That sound like I understand you better?
  8. @fisthardcheese I do NOT have a "granted MTC from the court". When the JoP told me during the last hearing - where he dismissed WITHOUT prejudice he said, if they do refile then please submit any additional forms early, he then said something (paraphrase) 'my staff should not of told you to not submit forms early.' so this 2nd time around - back in Feb -here is what I did: so, at this point, I also Just saw BrothersKeepers reply and answered her wisdom... so, now I should refile online at AAA against PRA with their Virginia address and NOT R-L but, have a CC for *them* ???
  9. From the wisdom I just re-read on this thread: May I humbly ask for the input from @BV80 as well as @Brotherskeeper please?
  10. So here are the pics of the pdfs, finally. [Edit to ad: Sorry for some unknown reason some pics are sideways in here but, not the way I saved them] These are the emails from AAA and a copy of the emails to the JDB and back to AAA that were CC:'d to me. Aside from the mistakes I have already admitted to and the struggles I've had trying to get these things redacted(sp) and then uploaded. -- each picture title of date & aaa is the email to me --- the 3 pictures with "part" in the name are the CC'd email with the JDB So, I'm going to assume i did something wr
  11. email replied this morning from AAA. with it were here is the reply: Hello, Thank you for contacting the American Arbitration Association. We did not receive an agreement or contract clause providing for resolution of this dispute by the American Arbitration Association or under its rules for Rausch Sturm as per your demand or comments requested to the objections from the respondent see attached. We have closed this case as deficient filing. This matter would have to be refiled by the claimant with the appropriate documents and filing fees. At this time this matter remains cl
  12. I called AAA a few minutes ago and they talked me thru what to write and I sent the email right before starting this update. Basically it was Initially identifying myself as the claimant and that I should have a reply within 24 hours.
  13. I'm a veteran struggling with PTSD and its added bonus of depression and anxiety crap. I am "owning it here and now" - I mentally froze up for the last week over this like a darn deer in the headlights. 2 Days ago I found that somehow- some mistake- the email address that was attached to the AAA application was a completely different than I thought was attached to it! I created one that we used for anonymous stuff regarding our school district and the local paper... that email got locked up in Fedb/March when Covid ramped up and I forgot about it. Meanwhile I was keeping an eye out in the
  14. So heres an update of where I stand right now. JoP court date is set for near the end of this Month for a ZOOM hearing. I have not heard a peep from AAA nor have I seen any mail or email from them about the fast filed(and paid for Arbitration) Several months back I got a letter from the PRA LLC asking to call them to settle this and pay up. I did not respond to them as I was awaiting the response from AAA first. (kicks myself in the rear for not posting this when the JoP letter 1st arrive a few weeks ago. I've been distracted by getting ready for kiddos to sch
  15. so here we go again....yippy skippy. (X) AAA arbitration form filed online with attachments and paid for in the "Fast file" page. (X) printed off 3 copies of the AAA form 1 as exhibit A in my answer a)court, b)PRA LLC copy to be mailed, c) mine (X) printed off 2 copies of the arbitration agreement page as exhibit B for court as listed in "answer" a)court, b) mine (X) printed off the "Answer" -3 copies. a)court, b) plaintiff, c) mine (X) printed off the MTC -2 copies. a)court & b) mine (X) printed off order to compel courtesy copy for court (2X) just inc