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    Texas JP court & P.R.A. LLC

    Anxiety overloaded me the last 3 days. I can't seem to find previously uploaded/redacted examples of a "original answer form" for Tx JP. I ffeel like I have a thread open that was open and i was going to save it for editing for myself but, never saved it to do this with....... help?
  2. aTex-vet-42

    Texas JP court & P.R.A. LLC

    UPDATE. So they got permission for Alternate service...I think this qualifies as being served now? I'll try to redact the pages again & post tomorrow. I have read the 2015 document about arbitration twice now. Going to rough-out the "Defendants original answer" form tomorrow. The JoP's rules i think I found are more for how the county tells the JP's how to run the court & offices? So, as i head to bed the list i have to do is: 1st. file the "original answer Denial" form 2nd fill out the M.T.C. for arbitration and fill out the letter and send it to the arbitration folks & to the JDB lawyer 3rd be ready to submit the MTC and be ready to mail the letters out at same time? 4th breath. it will all workout.
  3. aTex-vet-42

    Texas JP court & P.R.A. LLC

    "worker bee" is someone who was working in our home/office as an assistant. After several years of what we thought was wonderful trustworthy service - we discovered the "worker bee" had been stealing from us personally (vehicle titles, kids documents, wedding band, etal) and from the business as well as not taking care of payments when setting them up or stopping payments or taking stuff back with reciept and returning to get the cash in hand...... So, as an update, still have not been served. Found original CC agreement and have read the arbitration clause its got a 2015 form date too. So now I'll still prep the initial denial form letter and I have read the arbitration thread 2x too. I have found the JP rules for the county and i think for the PCT JP's specific court too.... have to finish reading what I have downloaded.
  4. update on the Texas link early in thread : It is broken (404 error now) but, when i cut the end out I got to here: If someone else can hunt what key words work best and update this thread for all of us Texas folks. That would be great. {my eyes are going blurry now -time for bed,} good night y'all.
  5. After wondering the web, researching PRA lawsuits, and finding this site I found several cases that started to look similar to what mine might end up being. There's been a lot of great advice on how to respond to the Plaintiff's original petition & First Discovery Requests etc. I'm not 100% sure this "as yet UNserved suit" is my responsibility. 1) There is a mis-spelling of the name with my address. 2) This might be connected to an ID theft issue by worker bee (this could be distracting T.M.I. for now) 3) IF for some reason that this is found to be an issue where the ID Theft issue is the cause for the Credit card debt to be unpaid (documents & data stolen/ falsely told paid off by the worker bee) then i would be honestly willing to pay my fair amount. 4) I will continue to look for an Arbitration clause in the old paperwork that I have found hidden here by worker bee. 4.1) IF it is actually mine then I believe I need to get ready for sending in a denial letter & the MTC Arbitration for Synchrony credit card journey 4.2) I have just found the JoP court rules and the DFW area County "local rules" referenced in a thread I have followed here today as well (i've opened them in tabs and downloaded them -will read them tomorrow & this weekend) 4.3) I also have looked up the Consumer Attorney links in thread I have also followed today & see the DFW offices and the hint toward the Fort Worth office as very good too. Should I go ahead and call a couple for the 1st free consult about this "tip of the iceberg" PRA LLC unserved issue? 4.31) and its possible barrel of worms (ID Theft worker bee) its connected too? From the JoP search page & I called the JoP office for any info as I had started to get the "Ambulance chaser" Attorney's snail mail offers with a case/cause number I can answer these details so far: 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC (looks to be Synchrony Bank for a "Big box store" from what the clerk could tell me over the phone when they said I would just have to wait to be served to know more details -if its ID theft or not) 2. Amount? Under $2000.00 That's as concise as I can be for now. Thanks for all of the help y'all have done for so many others and thanks in advance for the help I'm starting to ask for....
  6. aTex-vet-42

    User ID settings in this *forum* site

    Thank you. (gentlemanly bow)
  7. aTex-vet-42

    User ID settings in this *forum* site

    I read the welcome area forums threads that i "thought" were relevant, then did a few searches in the whole site. threads dated all the way back to 2009 and 2012/13 are all i can find. How can I know that the email ID I use here isn't phished to any search engine, bot, etal before I start posting questions on other topics in the correct sub folders "here"? The "user CP" is *not* visible like in other forums I am a current member of. I've tried to find "privacy settings" or other [tab] or *button* to 'mouse click' to no avail yet. Is the comment made by Amerikaner83 back in Dec. 2012 on this thread : I see a reassurance that email wasn't visible unless you put it in your 'bio' text box. Is that a correct understanding of what it was back then & is this still the case? Has the forum migrated to a new updated site since then/recently?(and thats why I cant see how to make sure my "privacy settings" are in an 'Anymouse' reality? I decided against tossing a PM as there is a bushell of Admin/Mod's so I'm hoping to see a reply before end of day today so I can start my own thread(s) elsewhere -comfortably. thanks in advance..