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  1. so here we go again....yippy skippy. (X) AAA arbitration form filed online with attachments and paid for in the "Fast file" page. (X) printed off 3 copies of the AAA form 1 as exhibit A in my answer a)court, b)PRA LLC copy to be mailed, c) mine (X) printed off 2 copies of the arbitration agreement page as exhibit B for court as listed in "answer" a)court, b) mine (X) printed off the "Answer" -3 copies. a)court, b) plaintiff, c) mine (X) printed off the MTC -2 copies. a)court & b) mine (X) printed off order to compel courtesy copy for court (2X) just incase (X) printed off copy of AAA receipt with confirmation number oops, discovered all out of envelops.... need to get them enroute to filing with JoP & mailing courtesy copies to PRA LLc "Rausch". off to file.... (fingers cross) all goes smoothly in my favor.
  2. Just an update. So far it seems the county court is still sitting on it.... no changes or updates of any kind to the case... So, "no news is good news" for us still. Correct? /good night y'all.
  3. Well, they tried to serve for a while and then got the "Alternative serving method approved" ... so earlier this week they used a rubber band and strapped it to the front door as "officially being served." So, Now, I'll be re-reading the advice this weekend and forming the "Answer" to be sent in during next week. Added question(s) of note, I have not worked in over a year since my VA surgery. How will that play a part? If at all? In forming the "Answer"? Or will that wait for the hearing? Geez I should goto bed and read all the updates this weekend. As always folks. Thanks again for being here. Thanks for the wisdom. I hope I can keep doing the right thing with y'all guidence.
  4. And now we go again??! I just got an advertisement letter from a Houston lawyer offering to help as "they saw I'm being sued by PRA LLC". So I just now looked and yup, PRA files a few days ago to try to sue again?! /s "gee thanks JOP for such a gift that keeps on giving." Now what? Do I preemptively prep only a letter of denial for everything and ignore that this is a repeat? OR can I get some advice or suggestions on how to point out how unfair it is for this the be repeated when THEY didnt' have to courtesy to show up for court and get a "do over" yet, a defendant doesn't get a "Do over"? as for the : On a odd note , I'll update later on the "procedural vs. legal advice" for submitting MTC's in this JoP court. I said above, the JOP personally told me that I can file that "MTC" in their court at same time as filing "Answer" or as soon as possible after that...... wierd - I thought to myself. I then asked about how the clerks said to wait to file the "MTC" until after seeing JOP 1st yet, isn't that legal advice contradictory to what you just told me? And the JOP kinda chuckled and said something to the effect of 'yeah, they shouldn't of said that, you can always file forms and requests before a hearing, it helps me understand better.' -thats my mental paraphrasing...../shrugs
  5. I'm helping someone with a PRA LLC case here in Tx and I just noticed in the court record that they also have "first discovery" written in small letters under the heading? I've tried to find definitions for this and what if any timelines there may be for dealing with this detail that was different from my case that was just dismissed. I hope to redact and scan what i found tonight or tomorrow so I can help them deal with this possible issue? I have found 2 threads in here that i have "followed" that talk about discovery but, as its my learning curve just starting..... I'm not sure what to relate it to - to fully grasp what were dealing with here so far. They had been served and sent a near identical denial answer to court etc a while back (approx 2 months ago now?) but, I'm worried that not seeing or realizing that discovery thingy could it cause problems now or soon? There is currently no date set for court yet.... the info i see on courts website shows no action yet to their case. Thanks again oh wise ones for the reality you share every day to us all.
  6. So folks I have a question on this type of dismissal. What an awesome story of success for the OP! (high five) Does this type of win for the OP have any difference (In Georgia) or similarity to either a with or without prejudice on a "case dismissed" here in Texas courts? (like the "case dismissed without prejudice" I just got here in TX) This is the good fight I like to see happen! Awesomeness @Gracte
  7. And now the conclusion? I sat there all worried and stuff, self doubt and all that fun stuff. They didnt show up. So The Judge dismissed the case. I asked if that was with or without prejudice. He said without incase they want to bring it up again but, your free to go. On a odd note , I'll update later on the "procedural vs. legal advice" for submitting MTC's in this JoP court. Thank ya'll for the wonderful resource this place is.
  8. So, Update after a surprisingly long wait, I got a court date with the "heads up" letter in the mail from the court. Justice of the Peace court. Session is today. I have the MTC all ready. I'm a disabled veteran & nervous as all get out. F.E.A.R. (an acronym I learned while in the Navy) False Evidence Appearing Rear has been on & off my shoulders all week.
  9. As an update, I turned in a slightly modified GD letter from above. Thank you @texasrocker. Mailed cert. copy to PRA same day. Have the MTC ready. Found out from JP Staff that the soonest I'd head from them would be after the 4th or 5th of Jan. 2019 and that a court date would be set at least 45 days from the day its mailed out from them... I see nothing updated on the JP's file so far - so at least 45 days from today is my current piece of mind. side note my cell # has been on DNC registry for years (currently still registered too) and I'm curious how i can lump all the collections calls at all hours to them as the numbers have all been googled to VOIP credit recovery ID's over the last year alone... but- i didn't see any connected to PRA directly. Did I not look/google correctly? I'd enjoy filing a FCRA claim against them in arbitration. I havent seen anyone say its wise to point this out in JP/ court..... or did i missunderstand other threads i've read?
  10. My gut tells me mostly static. I downloaded the "most current one" from the gov website download page... its a form dated 6/2017 and its got a few little difference from mine dated rev 7/2015 but, the arbitration section seems static as i glanced over them. I am also preparing similar tools.
  11. Anxiety overloaded me the last 3 days. I can't seem to find previously uploaded/redacted examples of a "original answer form" for Tx JP. I ffeel like I have a thread open that was open and i was going to save it for editing for myself but, never saved it to do this with....... help?
  12. UPDATE. So they got permission for Alternate service...I think this qualifies as being served now? I'll try to redact the pages again & post tomorrow. I have read the 2015 document about arbitration twice now. Going to rough-out the "Defendants original answer" form tomorrow. The JoP's rules i think I found are more for how the county tells the JP's how to run the court & offices? So, as i head to bed the list i have to do is: 1st. file the "original answer Denial" form 2nd fill out the M.T.C. for arbitration and fill out the letter and send it to the arbitration folks & to the JDB lawyer 3rd be ready to submit the MTC and be ready to mail the letters out at same time? 4th breath. it will all workout.
  13. "worker bee" is someone who was working in our home/office as an assistant. After several years of what we thought was wonderful trustworthy service - we discovered the "worker bee" had been stealing from us personally (vehicle titles, kids documents, wedding band, etal) and from the business as well as not taking care of payments when setting them up or stopping payments or taking stuff back with reciept and returning to get the cash in hand...... So, as an update, still have not been served. Found original CC agreement and have read the arbitration clause its got a 2015 form date too. So now I'll still prep the initial denial form letter and I have read the arbitration thread 2x too. I have found the JP rules for the county and i think for the PCT JP's specific court too.... have to finish reading what I have downloaded.
  14. update on the Texas link early in thread : It is broken (404 error now) but, when i cut the end out I got to here: If someone else can hunt what key words work best and update this thread for all of us Texas folks. That would be great. {my eyes are going blurry now -time for bed,} good night y'all.
  15. After wondering the web, researching PRA lawsuits, and finding this site I found several cases that started to look similar to what mine might end up being. There's been a lot of great advice on how to respond to the Plaintiff's original petition & First Discovery Requests etc. I'm not 100% sure this "as yet UNserved suit" is my responsibility. 1) There is a mis-spelling of the name with my address. 2) This might be connected to an ID theft issue by worker bee (this could be distracting T.M.I. for now) 3) IF for some reason that this is found to be an issue where the ID Theft issue is the cause for the Credit card debt to be unpaid (documents & data stolen/ falsely told paid off by the worker bee) then i would be honestly willing to pay my fair amount. 4) I will continue to look for an Arbitration clause in the old paperwork that I have found hidden here by worker bee. 4.1) IF it is actually mine then I believe I need to get ready for sending in a denial letter & the MTC Arbitration for Synchrony credit card journey 4.2) I have just found the JoP court rules and the DFW area County "local rules" referenced in a thread I have followed here today as well (i've opened them in tabs and downloaded them -will read them tomorrow & this weekend) 4.3) I also have looked up the Consumer Attorney links in thread I have also followed today & see the DFW offices and the hint toward the Fort Worth office as very good too. Should I go ahead and call a couple for the 1st free consult about this "tip of the iceberg" PRA LLC unserved issue? 4.31) and its possible barrel of worms (ID Theft worker bee) its connected too? From the JoP search page & I called the JoP office for any info as I had started to get the "Ambulance chaser" Attorney's snail mail offers with a case/cause number I can answer these details so far: 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC (looks to be Synchrony Bank for a "Big box store" from what the clerk could tell me over the phone when they said I would just have to wait to be served to know more details -if its ID theft or not) 2. Amount? Under $2000.00 That's as concise as I can be for now. Thanks for all of the help y'all have done for so many others and thanks in advance for the help I'm starting to ask for....