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  1. @BV80 yup opened the account while residing at my current address... they have the address at the top of the suit and the small amount of evidence they have claiming they own the debt
  2. @Clydesmom I’m going to get that consult... if not I’ll probably go the abirtration route
  3. @BV80 I have over 8yrs ago... I lived in the county I currently reside when the card was opened
  4. @Clydesmom yeah I’ve had other suits filed and they got my county correct... By the way the lawyers are Tracy Reese/ Tamara starks and Brian Thompson... I be heard a thing a two about these lawyers
  5. I received a few flyers in the mail from a few law firms, stating a suit had been filed. I went to my county’s (Clayton)website and I found nothing. Something told me to check Fulton county and boom there it was. Is this a FDCPA violation? And can I file a countersuit? I feel this was deliberately done!