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  1. Will do! Thank you both for the help. Sincerely appreciate it!
  2. @BackFromTheDebt all great points. See my post above regarding the subtleties here around community property. I agree with your advice on extortion and the rabbit hole that opens up so will definitely avoid that. Worst case scenario is, we still have several community property assets undecided that I can use as leverage here if needed. Items that I was going to let slide that if I now don't, they will amount to more the debt in question. But that's the plan "B" at this point. In the Louisiana statutes there is a noted delineation between property that is not acquired for the benefit
  3. She was my wife when she got the card so the address is the same. Complicated story, but apparently she obtained the card to help cover up her sister's gambling problem without my knowledge. I guess their plan worked great until we got divorced and everything bubbled to the surface. And yes, I live in a Community Property state. However, there are two elements that make that somewhat irrelevant: Community property only applies to property that is deemed beneficial to the community Identity isn't a community property, ,meaning one member of the community cannot assume the identi
  4. I'm hoping someone with experience in checks as legal instruments can help: Long story short, Ex-wife created a credit card account using my name. I only find out about it after divorce and after getting sued. Attorney for Plaintiff provides a check as evidence of agreement on an open account. The check has both my name and the ex-wife's name printed at the top of the check, however it is obviously signed by her. Although both names are printed on the checks, the account was created and is owned solely by the ex-wife. Plaintiff attorney cites my
  5. Thanks for taking the time to review and for the detailed response! Thank you for the catch on my citation of the Federal Reg. I wasn't sure how that should be done so I just walked down the Reg hierarchy in hopes that would be close. I'll update to include your cite. As for the Reg itself, I believe I have a pretty good grasp on it. In its simplest form, it's a mechanism by which "insiders" and their ability manipulate stock prices through policies, communications and transactions can be made visible to the company's investors and the general public. The key to using this Reg a
  6. I have compiled the attached Memorandum in Opposition to MSJ I received from a debt collector and was looking for anyone who could give it a quick read and let me know if I am on the right track. I think I've covered all the bases but then I could just be another delusional pro se and could really use a second set of eyes. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!!Redacted - Memorandum in Opp to MSJ - 20181109.pdf