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  1. Good morning, I filed the MTC arbitration with the court. Should I start the AAA process, or wait for the motion to be granted? Also, can JDB request that the case be transferred to small claims court?
  2. Thanks for your response. We do have Small Claims Court, but the JDB filed in the Special Civil Part of the Law Division. The Special Civil Part handles claims up to $15,000.
  3. I was served with a summons recently from a JDB. The amount in question is under $2,000. My Citi contract has an arbitration clause that states: "We’ll pay your share of the arbitration fee for an arbitration of Claims of $75,000 or less if they are unrelated to debt collection. Otherwise, arbitration fees will be allocated according to the applicable AAA Rules." What are the allocated fees under the AAA rules? I plan to file a MTC. Any suggestions?
  4. I was sued by a JDB, and properly filed a MTC arbitration. Before the motion could be heard, the JDB filed for a default judgment. Eventually the MTC was granted. Did the JDB violate the FDCPA by filing for default once they knew I was demanding arbitration?