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  1. Yes I just had another consult today and she said they look to have it dismissed and most of the time the ty counter claim bc of FDCPA violations. I feel like the case is highly dismissible but just bc I’m in Florida (which always requires something different) and me not having too much knowledge with legal issues and responding I’m just going to let them handle it. Plus they deducted $100 when I told them the info I did know.
  2. I’ve spoken to some other attorneys and they want to charge $1000 and higher and they were more concerned with settling than getting it dismissed
  3. I just did a phone consult with a consumer attorney. I have found some of the cases and most of them have been dismissed. They are wanting to charge me $750...I asked about the SOL and such and she really didnt want to go into detail about much.. This is the contract they sent me...does anyone have any thoughts? Alyssa Jones Retainer.doc
  4. 1. Settling is about $7500 unless they bring it down. I did a consult with a lawyer who literally said (Oh Frank I know him..I can settle it for about 50% and I will charge you 1000 but arbitration is not the way to go) 2. Its not even on my credit report and it was deleted off my credit report back in 2018 4. I am in Florida so is it still a MTC or something else
  5. No, it was originally with Care Credit and now its with Marcadis SInger PA which a debit collector who got the information from Credit Corp Solutions
  6. Okay so from here do I send a letter about settlement or what is my next step
  7. Yes its the same amount. Its a Care Credit through Synchrony Bank
  8. Back in December a collection office has turned over my account to a law office. I got the standard letter from them about trying to collect a debt. I sent a DV letter. I received a notice from them yesterday and all it is, is a 1 page copy of a statement. I dont know if its the last statement or what. I am pretty sure they will sue me but is there a follow-up I can send?
  9. Thank you so much for these observations. I am so lost so this was a lot of help. Someone else mentioned to me about the JDB
  10. I wasnt indicating Barclays doesn't exist. But the actual card has been discontinued
  11. The OC is Barclays Bank Delaware, and from my understanding this card does not even exist anymore
  12. So I was worried about one credit card company but I was checking my name in the clerk of court and found a court case popped up. I have NEVER received any type of notices or anything from the or said collection agency. I have attached the paperwork attached online...What do I need to do next Also, this account does not even show on my credit report. I have no idea when this account closed or anything.. Lawsuit.PDF
  13. I have been looking at Miami Dade Clerk of Courts and almost all the cases are still open...some have a judgement and I found 3 people who did show a "closed" case they settled. I am so just flustered and don't know what to do
  14. Credit Corp Solution sent me a "Pre-legal" notice about 2 months ago. I sent a Debt Validation letter. I received a yellow envelope with copy of statements from the OC (Care Credit/Synchrony Bank). The account was charged off in October of 2017 and sold in August of 2018. About 2 weeks later I have received a letter from Marcadis and Singer PA (Debt Arbitration In Florida ( indicating Credit Corp has turned my account over to them for collection. I did send another DV to them to buy me some time. I have read that once I am served papers for lawsuit that I should file a Motion t