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  1. I have attached all of the documents relating to the case from the Plaintiff so far. Thank You!
  2. Hello, I have another question, I was digging through paperwork and old mail and found a letter from Guglielmo & Associates dated August 13, 2018 stating that they had been retained for the credit card account and if they did not receive a response within 30 days they would pursue legal action. Well they filed the lawsuit on August 27th which is well before the 30 day timeline they state in the letter. Is this something I can use to help me in my objection to the motion for judgement? Thank You in advance for your input on this.
  3. I am sorry for asking so many basic questions.... but when I answer to the motion for judgement they already sent me, what form do I use to answer/respond/object? Again, I cannot thank you enough for your patience and help with this.
  4. Should I attach the letter from the court stating the conference had to be rescheduled because the wrong court room was posted?
  5. First, let me say THANK YOU! I really appreciate your help. I am embarrassed to admit that I am still confused about what the difference is between the motion for judgement I received from them yesterday and the motion for summary judgement you mentioned at the end of your response. I live in a small city in Arizona not close to any law firms and the debt is about $1100 so if I am able to get a continuance and proceed to trial it would be more of an expense to travel hear and appear at trial than it was worth I think.
  6. I really appreciate your help I am trying not to have a panic attack over this whole thing.
  7. Thank you for your response Harry Seaward 😀 I have to admit that I am completely lost on how exactly to respond to the motion for judgement. I spent hours last night trying to figure it out and I am feeling very "blonde" at the moment. I felt like everytime I thought I found what I needed I ended up going down another rabbit hole...
  8. I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge about any of this..... Here is a summary of my situation... I live in Arizona, At the beginning of October, I was served (it was done correctly) for credit card from Merrick Bank the debt was sold to LVNV Funding LLC who is being represented by Guglielmo & Associates in Tuscon, AZ. It is within the SOL time period. I answered within a week and received notice of pretrial conference for October 26th, I was present at the courthouse on the 26th but because of a courthouse error (they posted the wrong courtroom for my pretrial conference