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  1. Good Morning All, Brotherskeeper -- Any papers related to the CC have long been lost in the transition from college to a profession. My record keeping is woefully inconsistent and down right undefined. Harry -- Appreciate the arbitration information. I will do a deeper dive after I consume my first coffee. Thank you for your continued support and advice on this topic. The responses have been incredibly helpful. I have some month end close matters to attend to and will review the content provided. "Thank you" just doesn't do this justice. Have a wonderful Satruday OD
  2. Good Afternoon All, Thanks Brotherskeeper, will read those suggested threads tonight. Harry the debt is $2,487. As always thank you for your time and attention.
  3. Good Afternoon All, This debt is from Gander Mountain CC which was held by Comenity Bank Charged off Feb '15. PRA references World Financial Network Bank as Original Creditor via credit report. I need to spend more time on this forum before requesting anything more from you folks. Thank you for your responses and have a great weekend. OD
  4. Good Day All, After receiving mail from bankruptcy lawyers about a pending lawsuit I thought to Look Up Cases / Balances in my district. Lucky me own case number and register of actions. Never having been through this I want to be as proactive as possible. This suit will be within the SOL unfortunately. I am being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC (“PRA” [took forever to figure that abbreviation out]). The attorney listed is Michael J. Olcese. The ROA only lists a few things thus far: · Summ & Comp filed · Summ & Comp By Plantiff Issued · Filling Fee Pad · Check tendered ROA shows a date of 11/9 and as of 11/28 I still have not been served. When can I reasonably expect this to occur, and is there anything that I can do between now and being served? I found a thread with some outstanding content started by bmc100, “Those being sued in Michigan by a JDB, step by step in Defending” but 2012 was years ago. Combine this with the thread, “My experience losing in court (pretrial)” I am left with an unsettling feeling. I must protect my family’s assets to the best of my ability. Last thing I want is a debt from surviving college to set my household back. With that being said, outside of, https://www.bsdd.com/sitefiles/7887/new-guidelines-on-to-draft-the-answer-and-affirmative-defenses.pdf what information can I delve into to start preparing for this. What threads what case law, where do I start? My assumption is I will not have the luck that ‘not_me_ok’ had in obtaining an outright dismissal. In recent history, how often is success realized by the defendant in these cases? I have seen mention of arbitration. Are the courts so favorable to plaintiffs / hostile to defendants that this is the best course of action? My wife went through something like this in 2010 and simply said, “she had no knowledge of the debt” and the case was dismissed. Is it still as simple as saying this? Also I just found this section of the forum and at a quick glance there seems to be some great information that I am completely ignorant to. This will be resolved on the weekend. Also for those of you that made it to the end of this post, thank you for your time and attention. Any and all input is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, OD
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