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  1. Thank you. That article I linked mentions this site and arbitration, so I came here and found the arbitration article. It kind of eases my mind in case I get sued. I’m not very smart about this stuff because I’m just starting to learn. That’s why I’m wondering about what else might be wrong with that other article.
  2. Thank you for your reply. It was a Lowe’s card. The bank is Synchrony Bank.
  3. A few months ago, I received a debt collection letter from Midland Funding. I found a validation letter on another site and sent it to Midland. All they sent me was a copy of the original creditor’s charge off statement. I have been doing more research and from what I have found on this and other sites, the letter I sent requested things that were not required for Midland to send me. Does anyone have any opinions about this article? I know the letter is wrong What do you think about the rest of the advice?