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  1. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. I was very busy the last few days on a project with long hours. I finally received an answer to my BOP - it was served a full 28 days after I had served the request. It comprised of an "Exhibit A" which was a card agreement (not the original and not signed), a reprint of a 2 year old letter from Cavalry (which I've never seen until now) stating they were assigned my debt and giving me 30 days to request validation, a Bill of Sale signed by representative of Citibank, a redacted "asset schedule", and 12 month of statements. In accordance with CC
  2. No response yet to my BOP sent 28 days ago. Still have over a week to respond to admissions, interrogatories and discovery... what do you think my next move should be? Thanks so much for your help.
  3. Thanks, that's great advice and that's the type of thing that it'd be helpful to see played out in front of me. So far, I've never been at a trial except for that one time I almost got selected for jury duty. My courthouse is about a 30min drive (if there's no traffic). But free street parking and since I'm a freelancer, I can even squeeze some work in during idle time. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Thanks Sadinca, I'll stand-by for a week or so and await a response to my demand for BOP. Court date is way far in the future (around Thanksgiving) so I know I have a lot of time. Wondering if you ever went ahead and watched some collections court trials before you had yours? If so, do you recommend it?
  5. So, I sent the Demand for BOP fourteen days ago and no response yet. However, yesterday I received the interrogatories and discovery from plaintiff's lawyers. It was three documents total... Wish I had the packet with me so I could be more specific about it. It looks about the same as the other ones I've seen on here: "Admit you had an agreement with Citibank... Etc." I'm wondering what I do if I don't see a response to my BOP by the end of this week? I send a meet and confer letter stating the items I requested are now precluded? Also, wondering if I file the POS of my BOP with the
  6. Updating. So, I had my neighbor sign the POS-030 and drop off several letters at the post office, certified mail. There was one letter for each named lawyer, but all the same contents: - PLD-050 (general denial (sans affirmative denials)) - PLD-050(p) list of lawyers I had sent to That's all I put in those. I retained the certified mail receipts. And made two copies of the signed POS-030. I then made my way to the courthouse, found the appropriate filing window, paid $225 fee and had filed the originals of: - PLD-050 - PLD-050(p) - POS-030 And had my two
  7. Also, I was wondering about the cover letter for the BOP. Is the cover letter the doc file? Also, I was wondering about this: Is this a relevant document to fill out and include?
  8. Thank you for the help Sadinca and 1stStep. Just want to make sure this is correct - when serving my answer, a copy must be mailed to all the lawyers of the plaintiff? (in this case there are 5)
  9. Thanks Sadinca, I will use use this great example of a BOP request. As for "cause of action", as follows: I am happy to type up paragraphs 1 thru 23 as well if you think they're necessary. Should I be worried about how much info I am putting on here? any chance that Mandarich Lawyers come on here? Thanks for the help.
  10. Hi Everybody, I am being sued by Cavalry SPV I, LLC for a Citibank credit card account I defaulted on while I was having a very rough few years (depression, divorce, joblessness, underemployment, homelessness, loss of family member, etc.). Things have turned around since - credit score recovering and thankfully, never had to file bankruptcy. I believe in paying back my debts but Citibank got too greedy and lost me. Had their terms not have kept changing, they'd probably still be reaping the minimum payments off me (that is, of course their whole purpose as an institution?). I ha