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  1. I was expecting the slaughter but I was going to go down fighting after meeting the guy who showed up to oppose the case.
  2. The guy that showed up did not look like a real attorney. Sloppy dress and scuffed shoes. The original attorney is from West Virginia and that is 4 hours away.
  3. Nope, never cured. Thanks for the congrats, I am really relieved!! I thought for sure I was going to lose.
  4. No explanation at all. Was very strange. Guess they were hoping I would be scared and would settle. Does this happen a lot?
  5. Went to court on Monday and it was Dismissed Without Prejudice. So I assume it will be coming back around again sometime but glad it is over for now. I went to the courthouse and the Opposing Attorney, of course not the same lawyer on all the documents, arrived and tried to get me to settle. Slight discount at a lump sum or full amount over time. I told him no, we are going to trial and he left me along while we waited. I pretended to read my notes and wrote down a few things so he wouldn't try to talk to me again. I like to think I scared him by looking all prepared. LOL We went into the court room and he stated they were dismissing the case without prejudice and that was that. Thanks for all the help, there is a lot of really good information in this thread!
  6. The law office that is handling the case is 4 hours away. I checked though, he is licensed in Ohio. He phoned in at the pre-trial.
  7. This is what they attached as the Bill of sale. Bill of Sale.pdf
  8. Not looking forward to my court date. I suppose it's too late to file any defenses.
  9. Does the fact that their Motion for Summary Judgement was denied after I filed my Response to Summary Judgment help me at all or is that very insignificant to the case?
  10. Here it is and it was filed when their Motion for Summary Judgement was filed. Affidavit-Redacted.pdf
  11. No. They did have a couple affidavits.
  12. They have: Bill of sale Certificate of Loan Sale Certificate of Conformity 3 copies of a statement the statement dated September 15, 2017 Final Statement Loan agreement
  13. This is what they filed with the court. They sent me a discovery that they didn't file that is not much better. Complaint_Redacted.pdf
  14. I am going to Trial on Monday and wonder what I should do to prepare that I haven't already done. I'm being sued by Absolute Resolutions Investments who purchased my loan from Best Egg. They filed a Motion for Summary Judgment but the court denied it so my trial date goes on as planned. I was helped on here to get the Motion for Summary Judgment denied and I am very grateful. I appreciate any help I can get.