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  1. I think I missed my window to request arbitration. Court sent out notice "Parties are granted leave to file dispositve motions on or before 8/30/19." Plaintiff sent the MSJ and I need to respond by Tuesday. I should have asked for arbitration before.
  2. Should I include the fact that they mention I received the automobile under the terms of the credit agreement when there was never an automobile involved in this? I know I'm reaching for straws.
  3. That was something that needed to be done sooner. I have to respond by Tuesday of next week. At this point I just want to stop the MSJ from being granted.
  4. I have been sued by Velocity Investments LLC. I have responded with an Answer but now have to respond to the "Motion for Summary Judgement." It looks like they put it together with a poorly written template. On page 3 they mention how Defendant received the automobile, Defendant defaulted under the terms of the credit Agreement. For one, this was a loan there was never a car involved. I have attached a redacted copy of the MSJ, I am having a little trouble deciding how to respond. I am thankful for any suggestions I can get. Motion for Summary Judgment_Redacted.pdf
  5. Yes, this is a consumer debt. If I filed it today would that be enough time since the pre-trial is Monday? Also don't I need a filing with JAM to make it look like I mean business. I will work on drafting a MTC this morning.
  6. My loan agreement states it will pay $1,000 for filing fees but Jams charges $1,500 so I would be left to pay $500. Not sure I am comfortable with that. "(d) You will pay all filing and administration fees charged by the administrator and arbitrator fees up to $1,000, and you will consider my request to pay any additional arbitration costs. If an arbitrator issues an award in your favor. I win not be required to reimburse you for any fees you have previously paid to the administrator or for which you are responsible."
  7. Is there a template that I can use to FTC? I will have to look up may state laws to see if I can do this.
  8. I am being sued by Velocity Investments, LLC in the State of Ohio. I have attached a redacted copy of the complaint for which I sent a Response and was assigned a Pre-trial date that is this upcoming Monday. Wonder if there are any good defenses that I can use for this case. Thank you for any help you can give me. Velocity Complaint.pdf
  9. I was expecting the slaughter but I was going to go down fighting after meeting the guy who showed up to oppose the case.
  10. The guy that showed up did not look like a real attorney. Sloppy dress and scuffed shoes. The original attorney is from West Virginia and that is 4 hours away.
  11. Nope, never cured. Thanks for the congrats, I am really relieved!! I thought for sure I was going to lose.
  12. No explanation at all. Was very strange. Guess they were hoping I would be scared and would settle. Does this happen a lot?