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  1. The first lawsuit I had went all the way to the trial date. We both stood in front of the Judge and that is where the Attorney for Plaintiff dismissed the case. Guess that was a very lucky day and too much to wish for repeating itself.
  2. Also the only evidence they have is 2 Statements. There is no copy of Bill of Sale or any affidavits. Won't I be able to use the lack of evidence if it goes to trial?
  3. This is the 4th time I have been sued. It usually goes: 1. Answer Complaint 2 only once Answered Discovery that was sent to me. 3. Replied to Summary Judgment and Summary Judgment was declined 4. Case Dismissed Without Prejudice by Plaintiff
  4. I originally had a Pre-trial for this past August but it was cancelled giving parties 60 days to complete discovery and leave to file dispositive motions until 11/20 for Review. I now have a pre-trial scheduled for February 1st. I never received any discovery or motions from the Plaintiff. Not sure how to prepare for this new pre-trial. Any help you be so greatly appreciated. The case is for a Capital One account that does not qualify for arbitration.
  5. I had a lawsuit from Big Egg and was sued by one debt collector and made it all the way to the trial where he dismissed it w/o prejudice after trying to get me to settle in the lobby. Then it was sold to another debt collector and they also dismissed w/o prejudice but before the trial date.
  6. This is kind of late but I was recently sued by LVNV Funding for a Credit One Bank account. A huge thanks to Robby8900 who helped me with an Objection to Motion for Summary Judgment on the basis that there was an Arbitration clause and I did not give up my right to Arbitrate. LVNV dismissed the case without prejudice the Friday before the Pre-Trial date. Sure I could be sued again for the same account but at least I know how to fight it!!! Thanks again!!! Dismissal - Redacted.pdf
  7. Need to answer the attached complaint. Kind of confused on which paragraphs I need to answer. Thanks for any help. Midland Complaint Redacted.pdf
  8. I can, but can't seem to find one where someone actually fought back. Seems like no one returned a response to the Complaint.
  9. Is there somewhere I can find a template to do this? I really appreciate all the help I am getting!
  10. Not familiar with Arbitration. Plus the costs for initial filing.