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  1. Hi everyone and thanks again for your advice so far. I've been doing quite a bit of research here, and would love an opinion on how to proceed. As a reminder, I was sued in IL by an OC and provided only a statement of account (no contract copy). I was also provided an affidavit. Here is what I have gleaned so far: IL Supreme Court Rule 282(a) (See Also: 735 ILCS 5/2-606) requires plaintiff to attach a copy of the alleged contract. This was not done. The affidavit provided has incorrect information. Specifically, the affidavit states "the court case is based on an unwritten c
  2. Thank you!! Yes - strangely not there. If it were there I would go ahead and file my MTC based upon it. Thanks for thinking of that though!
  3. Thank you so much @Harry Seaward. Would you have any guidance on what the motion to compel the agreement would be titled? I have searched here but fear I'm searching for the wrong item, as I am coming up blank. I already have my MTC arbitration drafted at the ready based on the incredibly helpful outlines here in this forum. Your help is much appreciated - this is quite stressful and this community makes it much easier to bear.
  4. Basics: Sued by OC in Illinois for Breach of Contract. Amount under $10,000 Complaint states that "Defendant breached the Agreement" with Agreement as a capitalized term, however Agreement is not defined within the complaint. Plaintiff attached to complaint the last statement issued Plaintiff did NOT attached the actual Cardmember Agreement I have filed an appearance before the return date (an answer is not required as amount under $10,000) I have done research on this site and I know that I need to file a motion to compel arbitration. However to do