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  1. Thanks, Desprityfreya. I have more questions for my attorney now. Happy new year!
  2. I filed for Chapter 13 and I'm still awaiting the meeting of the creditors and the confirmation hearing. I need some positive vibes.
  3. Thanks for your information. If most chapter 13s don't work, what then happens? Does it get converted to chapter 7?
  4. I filed for Chapter 13 due to divorce, taking on more debt from previous marriage than I should have, legal fees, etc. I'm awaiting my hearing. At first, the bankruptcy attorney I hired said I'd likely qualify for Chapter 7. After I paid the retainer and provided all paperwork, he told me I qualified for Chapter 13 and he's proposing that I pay $360 a month. His associate said the Trustee might ask at the hearing that I pay more than that and we'll try to meet in the middle. I'm a nervous wreck worrying about how much more I will have to pay. Has anyone experienced a similar situation? Thanks.
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