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  1. Hi, I'm in my last semester of Nursing School, and have been sued by calvary through Quall Cardot for around 16,000 with original creditor being CITI. I've been reading through this forums, and it seems like many recommend arbitration, but I'm not sure I have time with this being my last semester of RN school and would like to see if it's a straightforward process or If i can attain representation by any one recommended in Southern California.
  2. Thank you Ryan! If it's not small claims, than where would they be intending on suing me? I dont have the agreement, it would be the 2009 citi forward agreement, the law firm representing Calvary sent me over the agreement and that has the arbitration clause with AAA which is what I was referring to.
  3. Hi need your help please! November 2018- I received a letter from a lawyer representing Cavalry (OC-Citibank) that they now represent Cavalry December 2018- sent a letter to validate, received a package of: affidavit of sale by OC, Cert of Conformity and bill of sale assignment, few statements, and agreement Citibank. January 2019- rec'd letter from Cavalry not Lawyers with "lacking any specific facts or info which would allow us to conduct an investigation...we are unable to investigate pursuant to FCRA" January 2019- Notice of Intention to File Lawsuit Amount due: 14-18K So I've been reading through the posts and some have recommended waiting to be actually served and than requesting arbitration ? I believe with this Citi agreement its AAA. and others have mentioned to start process of arbitration, which then renders them unable to sue in small claims, but this is over 10k, would that still apply? I need your help, I'm trying to educate myself about all of this but I'm having alot of difficulty comprehending on course of action to take. Thanks!