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  1. @texasrocker I've been reading other posts about your discovery system, and it seems like you give good advice in these matters. Any suggestions? The lawyer for Rausch Sturn sent a letter that came the same day as the suit asking me to call her to discuss resolution of this matter. I'm ready to put up a fight. My court date is set for March 4th.
  2. The original creditor was creditcare/ge capital who was sued for deceptive enrollment processes.
  3. In 2015 portfolio recovery served me with papers to sue for a debt from Dec 21, 2012. I sent an answer, and requested a copy of the paperwork showing I owed the debt. They never responded until now. This week I received a court date from Rausch and Sturm saying they received my answer and they are taking me to court. They have never sent me any proof of owing this debt. Isn't the statute of limitations in Texas 4 years? Any help is much appreciated.