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  1. Ok thanks. I’ll start prepping my letter to the credit bureau.
  2. So you’re saying I should’ve sent a physical letter? Do you think it’s too late?
  3. Midland is saying all of their information is correct and will mark the account as disputed. Attached the letter to dispute that midland sent me saying they would delete from my credit
  4. I submitted an online dispute with Equifax in June 1. Results came back 3 days ago. Said it’s not being removed. Kinda what I feared would happen.
  5. @Brotherskeeper They replied and agreed to my terms
  6. I agree with having everything clearly stated. I will email them back. Thanks. I’ll be emailing them
  7. Sorry. They sent a cover letter that states that the account would be marked at disputed
  8. @Brotherskeeper Sorry I didn’t answer the first question. No, original creditor is not in my CR. It is Midland. No downside in informing them that the only way I will sign is if it’s deleted or marked with the balance of 0. I was just asking if mentioning this to them in the email they sent me would suffice. Didn’t know if I had to type a letter up. And yes, would not mention to them I’m buying a house. Just don’t want to get caught in any loopholes with their legal jargon.
  9. @Brotherskeeper Main thing I disputed was I denied the debt. Never was provided enough information to prove the debt was mine. Midland bought this debt from the OC. Doesn’t that give them ownership? I feel the “disputed” status they mention does nothing for me. If they can’t prove this debt is mine then I feel the debt should be wiped clean. Deleting or marking the balance as zero would raise my score. Next couple of months I will be buying a house and not having this would help me out.
  10. I’m not really understanding the legal terms used. I’m thinking I should just make it clear that I want the account deleted or marked with a 0 balance. Could I do this by emailing them or would I need to type a letter and attach it to the email?
  11. I think I’m going to write them back and ask for the account to be deleted or marked with a 0 balance. Would I be able to request this via the email they sent or do have to mail it?
  12. Yes, I want Midland deleted from my CR. With what was stated are they able to sell the debt to someone else as a loophole?
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