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  1. I appreciate both inputs in advice I was given. I did ask @texasrocker due to previous threads where users mentioned he was able to provide them with discovery request format/wording. Again I am thankful for any and all help!
  2. @texasrocker if I send you a copy of the summons, would you be able to help me with how to proceed. I submitted an answer and trial date is set for April. I am at a loss and can't seem to follow some how others worded their discovery request. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions
  3. Thank you. Is there a specific reason to give or how would I word it?
  4. I've tried reading and understanding some of the other post but still lost and feel in over my head. This is in Texas Court. I was served with papers that I am being sued by Midland Funding LLC, attorney is Kyla Baxter from Scott & Associates for Capital One Bank in the amount of $1503. They attached copies of statements for proof of balance. How do I proceed with this? I'm lost in all the legal terms and steps to follow to submit an answer. Please help. Thank You.