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  1. I've been sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates and I have a trail date set for in the morning at 9:30am.The case was granted Mediation but I was never contacted by the Plaintiff in regards to the mediation. I just went into the case information through the County Courts office; the Plaintiff requested a Motion for a Continuance on August 1st. The Motion was granted yet no presiding judge signed the granted motion. Also the documentation has a time stamp of August 2,2019 4:12AM on all presiding unofficial documents I printed out. It was also stated that a certified copy was mailed to me on August 1, 2019; I haven't received anything from them. Am I being scammed or is this legit? I will be showing up anyway to court in the morning; this seems like a way for the Plaintiff to win an automatic judgement should I not show. Should I ask for discovery and have to refile my initial answers again with the courts? This is working my last nerves... please help a lost sheep!!!!
  2. @fisthardcheese I'm seeking arbitration in two Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC lawsuits. I've already filed with Justice Court the other summons is due next week; I need to clarify if I'm seeking arbitration do I need to answer the request for disclosure, request for production, request for admissions and plaintiff's first set of interrogatories? If so do I need to object with MTC filed or how do I respond.? Thank you in advance.
  3. Clydesmom, Thank you for your response. I'm doing my best in researching arbitration; What is MTC arbitration? Do you know of any creditable sites that could further break down arbitration for me? And the plaintiff' is Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC; I believe they are a JDB, not sure. Thank you in advance.
  4. I'm being sued for two Synchony accounts. Very unsure has to how to handle this matter. I have to answer the summons ASAP; I received some help on how to answer but I'm still unclear if anything else is needed because one summons includes a request for disclosure and one does not. Should I be requesting disclosure for both? How should my answer look? And what's arbitration? What's the process? Can these cases be dismissed? Someone please HELP!!!!!!!!! I attached the requested section of the summons.