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  1. Well in the twist of things... Calvary SPV removed the collections amount from my credit report. I still have the notice from the court and it still states it is an open case. Law Firm was Danielle C Brown /// Schactner Portnoy, LLC. I just called them today to see if they will agree to reschedule the date of the hearing (my son school is closed due to President's Day). Daniel C Brown office told me they are no longer handling my case. They handed it to Aldridge | Pite LLP... Called them and they have no record of my case being with the court, just with their collection side. All they had was a record of my collection debt $1067. (Really wish I would not have called them, but I did). But they just tried to get me to pay the debt and told me that they could not reschedule and the and attorney would be there. They kept wanting me to agree for them to send me an agreement to pay. I still think they are going to send me something to agree and pay. They would not let me talk to anyone on the attorney side. I called the court back and told them, but they told me no one told them that the case was moved from Danielle C Brown to this new group. Thanks for your feedback...
  2. Hello, I am being sued by Calvary in GA from an $1187 debt from Citibank. I received the court date for Feb 19th. I tried t research and file the paperwork and answer myself. Since I did and efile and denying the debt it put it into these words below. Is it too late to get the documentation from Calvary? Any advice on my next steps??? I just received the electronic court date appearance via email today. """ANSWER OF DEFENDANT Comes now the defendant in the above styled case and files this his/her answer and shows to the court the following: Plaintiff's claim is denied. WHEREFORE, defendant having fully answered prays that he/she be discharged and that the costs of this action be placed upon the plaintiff.
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