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  1. I am sending in my Answers this week. Does it have be in any type of form. Can i just write 1- Deny, 2- Deny, ....etc? Also the summon was just left in the mail box in the building I live in, should I mention that I wasn't served properly?
  2. Because its my last resort.. not my first option. I will try to resolve first. Then go from there... bankruptcy once filed i cant go back.
  3. I guess they can go ahead and get judgment and put a lien on my homestead property that i live in with my family. I did try to borrow money for a lump sum settlement but they keep denying the amounts i offer. I knew they are hopping to get more out of me, but am dead poor and broke. So at this point I will sent my answers denying the claim that I owe the debt then go to court and see the outcome. If it gets out of control, then bankruptcy is my next option.
  4. well whats the worse that can happen? it is what it is, cant do miracles, nor can afford what they are asking.
  5. I am still dealing with this. Will be sending my answers in next week. What are my chances if I try to challenge the case? I try negotiating with them but they dont seem to want to agree on the sum proposed, and i have other important things ( such as my family) to prioritize and take care of.
  6. Could you please tell me more about those aggressive repair methods?
  7. Hello guys, I am searching for the best way to go about disputing collections and charged off accounts on my report. I have been sending out a letter to the credit bureaus but nothing ever got Deleted. Always come back as verified or updated. Can you guys share with me some effective ways to dispute. I need to improve my scores witch are in mid 500s. Please help.
  8. Do I need to provide the court with the ENTRY page? Though the court would just send me the decision using their template.
  9. and do I need to say Defendant, Pro se. ?
  10. Do I have to send a copy of the ENTRY page to the plaintiff? or just the Motion page
  11. Do I need the ENTRY page also?? its the last page
  12. Filing a motion for time extension to respond. I am attaching a template, please advise Extension of time to answer.doc
  13. Correct..thats why i hvent talk about it.. but i have been consulting with local bk lawyers.
  14. Well i know that, but nothing i can do about it