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  1. Quoting this. I have like 30 pages bookmarked now, lol. Trying to get rid of the bookmarks, so just quoting and adding the steps Here it is, step by step. 1. Wait until you are served. The court is probably sending the summons by certified mail. You could sign for it, or gain a little more time by not claiming the certified mail (don't answer the door when the mail carrier comes, and don't go to the post office to pick it up). Then the court will send the summons by regular mail. After you served, you will have 28 days in which to answer the lawsuit. 2. File your answer. I would just deny all their claims, except your name and address, and include an affirmative defense, that the court lacks jurisdiction due to a binding arbitration clause in the cardmember agreement. 3. File the MTC Arb. Samples are in this link: And, if you post a draft here, we can help you with it. Also, look up posts by MikeB35, on his fight in Ohio - examples are there as well. 4. Wait and see what the JDB, and the court will do. The plaintiff might dismiss. Or they might file a response to your motion. The court may hold a motion hearing. But, the ultimate result is the motion will probably be granted (95% + probability - the law favors arb). 5. Do not file a case in JAMS or AAA until the arb motion has been granted. See what the court says - they might require you to file the arbitration. If so, do it. But, there is case law in Ohio that the plaintiff is responsible for filing the arbitration (Capital One v. Rotman).
  2. Hey, yeah I will have to give it a look over this weekend, haven't really read anything since this was fresh, months ago.
  3. Hey guys, I am back. I did not forget about this thread. Stenger took their good ol' time sending me the summons but it just got here this morning. So, I just want to make sure I have all the info correct from another thread, so if anyone can confirm. TY. Today I received the Summons in a Civil Action. It came with paper from my local muni court telling me I need to reply within 28 days. Then it came with a 4 pages stapled together. With pages just explaining or "exhibit A" nonpayment ect then a pic of my final balance/statement. They also made a mistake and attached someone elses bank statement from US Bank in my paperwork. At least I think it's a mistake, the US Bank account isn't in my name so not sure I understand why they put that there other than a mistake. Anyways, so from here.... I file my answer? Which would be deny everything? As in it's not my debt or what do I say? And I am assuming I'm filing this answer to the actual muni court and not Stenger, correct? From there I File the MTC Arb? Are there any templates or anything I need to follow for both my answer to the court and my MTC Arb? Also, do I file the Arb as soon as I file my answer to the court or do I wait for their response? Not sure if it matters or helps but I might have a little help at this muni court as I have family/friends that's worked for the city for 30+ years. Not sure if they can help at all or not, just want to throw that out there. Thanks again for the help. I'd probably be going crazy over this without it.
  4. I have noticed on my creditkarma app when I click this account it does say I disputed the debt.
  5. So they sent me what I'm guessing is the proof, every transaction from the card. This was a couple weeks ago. Haven't heard anything since., do they usually take their time like this? Or was I suppose to do something once they sent me the big packet of trans?
  6. I haven't been able to post in a few days. Not sure what was going on. But the letter made it on Tuesday. Time to sit back and get sued. lol
  7. As you can see in the tracking, it hasn't updated since last Wednesday. Just my luck. 70180360000037040861 So do i skip this first step, wait for a delivery or what happens now since the letter they sent was dated 2/23.
  8. lol, just my luck. Of course there is no update on the tracking of the letter i sent since thursday, was supposed to be there yesterday. today is deadline.
  9. Thanks. Dumb question but the letter i received and put in the OP is not the "served" letter you are talking about, correct? I'm guessing that will come once they receive my verification letter i just mailed them on Tuesday?
  10. Ok people, a little late with work but the wheels are in motion, the letter was sent Tuesday. Will be there tomorrow. Certified and return receipt. So now, just to confirm. Basically since I'm in Ohio and the small claims court is not an option for them, you guys are recommending just sit back and wait for their next step? Then once or if they do sue me that's when to file the MTC? Thanks again for all the help. I will look over and start really reading into everything this weekend when I get a break. I've noticed these companies really jump on these collection attempts during tax season.
  11. Also, I will be sending out the verification letter tomorrow and will update from there.
  12. Awesome, really appreciate it! I will let this die down until the 17th, which is the week of the letter due date. So will just double check with everything before I do it, so I don't mess anything up. Thanks again.