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  1. On a debt that's already a few years (2-3) old would it be a good or bad thing to settle? It's for a CC. It was already charged off and sold to a collection agency, I'm guessing this new place bought the debt? No idea how it works. So my question is will it help my score/report at all or hurt/keep it right around where it is...which is bad..very bad.
  2. Ok, quick rundown. I am in Ohio. Was sued by JDB from old Credit1Bank debt. Thanks to the help of this forum I filed for mtc arb and it was granted. I paid AAA the $200 and obviously as you guys said they wouldn't the JDB never paid. AAA gave them 2 deadlines. 1st was like Jan 22nd I believe, then the 2nd just passed which was the 6th of this month. This is the letter I received from AAA. So what happens now? Will they just keep taking me back to court for this debt? Will i be able to get a good deal or should I try getting a good deal on settling? Thanks again for all the help!!!! Dear P
  3. Awesome, thank you. How about on my credit report? Is this something I can negotiate or does it just stay as an open debt on the cr? Or is this what you meant they come back and as what I want to make it go away?
  4. Just checked the court website for an update. Filed for Arb and paid the $200, showing the court the receipts. Here's the latest update..what to expect now?
  5. After the court accepts the motion for arb, they give you a set amount of time to file. Once you file the arb and pay the $200 fee. Do you have to inform the court that you filed or will AAA do that? I already sent a copy of the forms via cert mail to the opposing attorney. The only thing AAA told me was to send a copy to the attorney, didn't say much about the court. Thanks again for all the help with this case.
  6. Yeah, that's what I figured. He also threw in a "it's fine if you want arb, just know all the LEG work that will need done" I capped LEG because he exaggerated it so much when he said it.
  7. Thanks, I am going with option 1. I already printed out the forms I need to fill out for them so i will fill those out and send those in by this weekend. Quick question, a dumb one. In the user agreement it says if I elect arb i have to inform credit1. Obviously they sold my accounts so do i still inform credit1 or do they officially have nothing to do with it and just inform the actual attorney, in other words I'm assuming means send them (attorney) a copy of the AAA Forms?
  8. Also, soon as I got there the attorney pulls me to the side trying to negotiate. $1000 was lowest he could settle. He then said I understand you elected arb, I am not trying to scare you but I just had a case that arb was elected and they billed them $3,000. lol. I was thinking BS!
  9. Court is finished and this is what she gave me. Is this what I was looking for or still some work to do? Edit- Thought I had a choice on jams or aaa but looks like aaa is only what's listed in the credit1 agreement.
  10. Thanks again. I took notes of the two listed case laws in this thread for tomorrow. What kind of questions or how will this work tomorrow? Never been to court for anything. I'm just picturing myself walking in there and getting grilled like a witness on trial lol. yikes. Also, I see you said don't accept a deal with them? What if the deal is pretty good, possibly cheaper than what arb will be? Still don't accept? I've also read I want to try to get them to mark it "paid as agreed upon" in the end, is this true also?
  11. Nope. Only thing I have received since turning in my answer and motion is the letter above stating the discovery time and date.
  12. JDB. Original Creditor is Credit One. JDB is LNVN i believe. OK. TY, taking notes.
  13. I know this is a long shot too but any chance they just don't make the trip from Michigan to Ohio for this? lol, that would be great but im not that lucky.
  14. Also, here is the last paper I received.
  15. Hi, so as far as I know I filed everything correctly, i sent their lawyer everything i took to the clerk also, certified with cert of services on everything. And yes the clerk def didn't sound like she knew what she was talking about, even turned to ask another clerk about the arb and that's when they said let's just stamp everything just in case. Here is a copy and paste of the full docket. As you can see they did update the docket with both my answer and mtc arb, so maybe that's a good sign? Here is a copy and paste of all the updates on the case. 10/25/2019