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  1. lol, just my luck. Of course there is no update on the tracking of the letter i sent since thursday, was supposed to be there yesterday. today is deadline.
  2. Thanks. Dumb question but the letter i received and put in the OP is not the "served" letter you are talking about, correct? I'm guessing that will come once they receive my verification letter i just mailed them on Tuesday?
  3. Ok people, a little late with work but the wheels are in motion, the letter was sent Tuesday. Will be there tomorrow. Certified and return receipt. So now, just to confirm. Basically since I'm in Ohio and the small claims court is not an option for them, you guys are recommending just sit back and wait for their next step? Then once or if they do sue me that's when to file the MTC? Thanks again for all the help. I will look over and start really reading into everything this weekend when I get a break. I've noticed these companies really jump on these collect
  4. Also, I will be sending out the verification letter tomorrow and will update from there.
  5. Awesome, really appreciate it! I will let this die down until the 17th, which is the week of the letter due date. So will just double check with everything before I do it, so I don't mess anything up. Thanks again.
  6. Ok, Thank you. I have 17 days then i believe, will look into it today when i get home. Have you personally ever dealt with credit1?
  7. Sorry for the late response. Yes, my mistake I meant Credit1. I have one other debt from another card but it's much older. Not sure i understand dispute the debt? Just act like I don't know what it's from or something? I definitely do. lol.
  8. Hello, I have the following letter posted below from these guys. Obviously never had a letter like this sent so no idea what to do but I also don't just have $1,400 laying around at this current moment. So basically I'm wondering what to do and what not to do here? Also, any info needed please let me know. Debt is from Capital 1 Credit Card. Only like 2 or so years old. And I am in Ohio as you can see from the pics of the letter below.