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  1. According to the rules I only had 40 days to send the plaintiff our 121 disclosure statement, and we did not do that. The only thing we had to send is the contract itself and we had already sent a copy of it with the MTC ARB. Could I be penalized for not sending that?
  2. According to ARS Rule 7.1(5) "The Court may waive any of these requirements for motions made in open court." Can I bring my reply to court without including it in a 1221 Statement of Disclosure? or are you saying for me to just verbally argue the points in my reply? I wish that I had realized the time frame better. Thank you both for your help, I really appreciate it.
  3. It sounds like you guys don't think I stand a chance at this point with their argument.
  4. Thank you, for that information, I guess I am to late and lost my opportunity to reply. It says that the The´╗┐ court may waive any of these requirements for motions´╗┐ made in open court. Could I change it to a reply or motion and take it to court on Monday? What about disclosure, I never sent anything other than a copy of the contract with the original MTC?
  5. I have not filled this, I guess I am questioning whether it is proper format, the Def Opp to Ptf Opp to MTC ARB?
  6. So should I file my opposition to their opposition of the MTC ARB as a confirmation that I still intend to push for ARB or wait until the oral argument on Monday and hope that the judge agrees with you? I posted a copy of my Opposition to their OPP of my MTC ARB that I was thinking about filling, did you see that? I am not sure if I can do that or not, but it basically states that the CC agreement calls for ARB and that it also provides for a an assigned method of ARB and that the court does not have jurisdiction to assign a Judge Pro Tem.
  7. Here are better copies, and I forgot to mention that this is in Arizona. Midland also filed or sent me "Notice of service of Plaintiff's Rule 121 Disclosure Statement" with another copy of all the same paperwork that they sent when they summoned me. I am supposed to go to court on Monday for an "Oral Argument". Do I need to send a Rule: 121 Disclosure Statement to them as well? I don't know what I would send other than the copy of the contract, which I have already sent to them with the copy of the court stamped MTC ARB. Should I send it again? Should I file my Opp to their Opp or wait un
  8. I know it may not sound like a lot but I have no way to pay and they will not accept payments.
  9. Can I file this and should I? I hope it is all readable if not I will try again.
  10. I am being sued by Midland funding. I filed MTC ARB. Midland 'S Attorney's filed an Opposition to MTC based on equity and are asking court to assign a Judge Pro Tem. Can I come an opposition to their opposition? Suppose to go to court for oral argument on Monday. Help please.
  11. I am working on a similar situation. If I am filing a Motion to compel private/contractual arbitration and dismiss or in the alternative to stay proceedings pending arbitration at the same time that I file my answer, do I need to admit to anything in my answer?
  12. If you know what month and year your contract started then the archived agreements are divided into Quarters and there is a link for each contract in that file and you don't have to go through the whole file. That is how I found mine.