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  1. thanks for this @fisthardcheese undoubtedly from your tutelage this is EXACTLY what I did on Thursday. Mailed everything, sent JAMS off etc (no money just the filing) (can pay later I have learned wink wink;). Part in a rage and part because obviously I've been ordered too and at this point with these lawyers I don't even know if they are stalling to slow my end of the bargain down so to speak. Needless to say once they heard I did this there was some "action" but of course, they haven't sent anything yet through to my attorney (they should have Friday but was crickets no doubt.) So am waiting for Monday when all the mail arrives and they will see I'm not bluffing. Will go from there I guess. Still a bit of a waiting game, a dubious one at best; but I have my guard up, an excellent genius of an attorney and all the endless support and resources here so feel luckier than most. We shall see. Infinite thanks regardless and your input on court order and arb always and forever.
  2. yes agreed @Brotherskeeper am going to go to post office today and file jams without sending money like @fisthardcheese suggestion (can wait for jams to request my after..)and then go from there...stay tuned I guess lol
  3. Hi everyone! Quick update on the happenings over here. My lawyer finally got a hold of the attorney from Midland who offered the 250 instead of filing arb. He was transferred to ANOTHER attorney (apparently his supervisor or such I have no clue how they have so many people over there; but ANY WAYS....) This new attorney has now stated that the offer is 500 because Midland laid out a lot of court expenses with my case. Ugh. Seemingly unethical to me that they could revoke, but evidently is allowed and obviously wasn't going to take ANY offer until I read the fine print etc. Now, we are waiting to see the offer and am assuming I will still have to file ARB/JAMS, though again just don't have a ton of leverage with odd wording of court order. So that is the update as of now, can't say I'm hugely surprised and in essence am basically just back where I started sort of...just a bit frustrated. Stay tuned and thanks again to everyone's continued advice, support and insight. @fisthardcheese @SJULawAlum @Brotherskeeper
  4. Thanks for letting me know. But again this is all in infancy stage and easily nothing could happen and I’ll be back sending in jams/arb before you know it:) 🤞🍀🤞🍀 never the less as always appreciate everyone’s support and advice beyond🙏
  5. Question geniuses on this whole reporting thing to the CRA (I legit can barely understand how to read them but that's whole other thing sigh..) and not jinxing again (yes am a superstitious loon)...but, as still in just beginning phases of all this and who knows how lucky we will be...but as far as reporting to the cra goes, if you somehow manage to finagle them not to report ie mutual release or what @SJULawAlum mentioned before with them signing an nda and then I assume I'd have to send something into each credit bureau if they did keep reporting me in the future...if they stop reporting in the future by whatever means, is that the same as a debt trade line deletion credit score wise or no? Sorry I know I am long-winded and thank you everyone who has so studiously offered endless insight/suggestions etc 🙏🤞☘️ @fisthardcheese
  6. my hope (don't want to jinx) is they don't read too deeply into this wording and just go off of "parties ordered" and what my lawyer smartly reminded them of the cost for their client. I suppose that's the only thing I can hope for?
  7. Surely the cost of arb will help as leverage @Brotherskeeper however they weren’t ordered into arb (don’t think we’d remind them of this and hope no spies are reading this forum/thread lol;) perhaps some sort of sanction or such as @fisthardcheese suggested for no more third time suing but I don’t even know? To be perfectly honest I’m not even sure how much THEY know of the exact language of the court order or if they dive as deeply as we all do. I’ve had five different people on this case alone from same jdb (not counting first one) they might be just going off what my lawyer smartly warned them/told them how much money arb would cost their client? or the synchrony arb agreement that maybe they DO know of, I dunno. Not sure really 🤷‍♀️Hope I have leverage with a good negotiator 🤷‍♀️ @SJULawAlum 🤞🤞THAT much I am CERTAIN of) 🍀🤞
  8. it's just as much your story as mine @SJULawAlum so GUYS the update is that literally RIGHT before I was headed to post office (like mere seconds to send my arb stuff to jams) my lawyer got a call from some dude over at jdb law firm stating they would offer me a settlement in exchange for what I would pay for arb filing fee $250. Obviously my lawyer is a genius (duh) and said he didn't know if I would settle so now feel as though ball is in my court as can use this as leverage to hopefully 🤞get what I want from midland otherwise I suppose why wouldn't I do arb?!? or go through with it now we will wait to see what their settlement offer is and go from there but just wanted to keep everyone in loop for future people and for my forever gratitude to those on my journey and STILL helping/weighing in. Obviously I am literally blessed with @SJULawAlum who not only is a whiz at NY law, great attorney and just wonderful person... but also to those who've helped me from the beginning and still do @Brotherskeeper and the arb godfather himself @fisthardcheese I don't want to jinx anything but am hoping we've come this far can get what I want🤞🤞
  9. I guess I just feel lucky I didn't get a summary judgement then? I evidently had a court summons in June and then the same jdb attorney dismissed it in December? so strange the workings of all this!
  10. yes, we have gone back and forth on this one without a straight forward answer. they sued me for exact same debt/same law firm (literally used exact summons etc) but I was in living in Nyc at the time so they never "served" me (don't think could get up to my apt literally) so am not sure how much it counts. I will double-check though my court rules on two cases thanks again @fisthardcheese whilst filling out these jams forms I sure would like to put that lovely notorious jdb attorney firm that's now gone after me twice;) as some violations for unfair practices or at very least "pain and suffering";) will double-check today and thanks again!
  11. Figured it out sorry to those I tagged in question, hope I didn’t interrupt your day!
  12. good to know;) I like the word slim here @Brotherskeeper
  13. Thank you everyone to weighing in really appreciate it. @SJULawAlum @Brotherskeeper @fisthardcheese seems like a bit of a roundabout. STILL SO THRILLED THIER SMJ was denied and our mtc for arb granted. I guess I shall just plug away with filing JAMS and hope they don't sue me again sigh or find a rabbit hole loop to leverage them somehow:) onwards!
  14. My second update and question is I need to file a JAMS demand by the Oct. deadline to comply with the judge's order. While I know I can ask Midland to pay my filing fee, I've decided to speed things up by paying it. I don't want to give Midland ANY reason to claim I defaulted on the arb and try to go back to court as the judge's order allows. I'M THRILLED with the case dismissal and outcome! However, am wondering what leverage do I have to get the tradeline removed if any, if they decide not to pursue arb? Lastly, am struggling a bit to come up with plausible consumer violation claims to allege in JAMS and how to value those claims in dollars. I realize I don't have to be too specific on the demand form, but I do need to come up with something! Following fists excellent thread on arb I checked and cross-referenced my 3 credit reports for discrepancies/any inflations/interest etc, but to my untrained eye couldn't find any? I would appreciate any help anyone has to offer to where I could find possible violations and the fee claims for said violations for the jams demand form perhaps even on another site? Any and all help to any above questions would be extremely appreciated (especially from the arb experts on here who've helped me in the past and who I'll tag here that I can think of;) I really don't know what I would have done without the forum and can not again thank you enough! @Brotherskeeper @usctrojanalum @SJULawAlum @nobk4me @fisthardcheese @Goody_Ouchless and sorry if I shouldn't have tagged twice, I somewhat forget forum rules! but again on a double note more than appreciate the help!