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  1. AAA stated they no longer take consumer debt disputes from this business.
  2. I did not see their (attorneys for Velocity Investments) request to know if they included the MTC. I think they just filed before I did.
  3. So not sure how to proceed at this point. The court order did not specify who would initiate. Velocity Investments
  4. Yes, they initiated after MTC was granted. I requested JAMS in the motion though.
  5. Was sued by a 3rd party junk debt collector. Won MTC Arbitration in court. I just recieved a letter stating that the Arbitrator is not accepting the filing. AAA was who the complainant's attorneys filed with. What's next?
  6. I am thankful for this forum. I am being sued by Velocity Investments assigned by LendingCLub, a signed by WebBank. I reviewed several threads and have compiled an answer with a request for arbitration. Any feedback on these documents is greatly appreciated
  7. I'm dealing with this company now. Question for the group, can I answer the summons with both defenses of lack of standing and ask for arbitration? The original creditor does have arbitration in the original documents.
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