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  1. I did not, no. There was debt that was inherited from divorce, but most was settled with the respective debt collectors prior to getting to this point. One debt did result in a lawsuit and a payment plan was established. The summons does state it is subject to arbitration.
  2. I had never heard of this company until receiving a court summons yesterday stating my significant other is being sued by a company called Velocity Investments, LLC. Neither of us have ever heard of them and have ever received any previous correspondence from them regarding anything. Nowhere on the summons does it specify what this debt is from or where it came from. They are suing for $10,200.16. I have been trying to find out more about this company to figure out what this is about. We tried calling the attorney listed on the court papers but got a recording. I have read several threads on this message board about them, and it seems as though they have some shady business practices and others have been successful in fighting their case. Given that there is no information about what this debt is actually from, is it worth fighting? We are in Arizona.