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  1. Thanks, hope it goes that way. Does CH7 get rid of past judgements (if I get sued quickly). Can the trustee in arbitration or BK take your case from state law to federal law?
  2. Should you request the proof the CA bought the debt when you 1st get a letter from them or does that flag you?
  3. Thank you, I have heard writing creditors makes you stand out. But it seems to me if they just sue everyone it might not hurt. Sounds like some people don’t actually get sued, is that just luck?
  4. Okay, so one way or another my credit will be shot. So since I can not file ch 7 for about 18 months, and I cannot pay the debt if they take me to court before then I will face a judgement. Does ch 7 get rid of past judgements being enforced? Still wonder do I answer the creditor letter or have no contact. If it would help to send my SSD statements and that my checking account has only those funds in them? Condo is protected, though I am trying to sell, will not make anything on it, just need to get out due to high HOAs. Would just let it go, but sounds like I need to stay in FL until I can file.... I plan to eventually go live with family in NJ but have heard NJ more favorable to creditors than FL. Anyone know about that? again, any ideas on how to handle creditors I can’t pay before BK
  5. Thanks to you both. Yes, I do learn and won’t get into this mess again. Once I get out of the condo I will move in with family until I can figure a way out. However, sounds like I will need to file ch 7 here in Florida when I can to be able to rebuild. I really appreciate the responses and will follow the advise. Thank you.
  6. Do they come to your house ? That would be even more humiliating on top of the stress.
  7. Thank you. What is the best way to handle the situation? Should I write the creditors with my issue or do I need to wait for court? would they take my car or any house hold items? I am on my own dealing with this and confused
  8. My income is $1150 a month in Social Security Disability, I have a condo that is protected under FL homestead which I currently am pulling from my IRA to pay for until I can sell it or will have to stop so I don’t run out of money and let it go back to bank I have 3 credit cards BBVA Compass $13000, Barclay $7000, 3rd 5th bank $3000 and a $24,000 dental loan with MBT/ Lending club I can’t file CH 7 because I would likely have to use Federal law as I have to wait another 18 months before I can use FL law (my inherited IRA is protected from judgements and FL CH) but not Federal CH7. I am current but now out of money will stop paying so I am sure I will be sued. Only asset is a 20 year old car maybe worth $3000 which is my only transportation as I live alone. Personal property very little cheap furniture. So what happens when there is no money to freeze in accounts or wages to garnish after a judgement? So stressed any advice would be appreciated.