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  1. Awesome, thank you nobk4me. I will follow the steps once I get served regular mail. They tried to serve me again today but I was at work. I’ll be watching the mail and keeping this thread updated. I really appreciate everyone’s help. I’m so nervous as to if I’m going to do all of this the right way but it’s my only option as of now. You guys are all a blessing to me!
  2. So I’m confused. Do I file with AAA and the courts or does AAA handle it all once I file with them?
  3. Thanks again Harry. Where do I get the forms to file to compel arbitration?
  4. Thanks for your response Harry. I’ve read the attachment and now I’m wondering do I sign for the court papers or do I file the motion to arbitrate first? I’ve never had to do this so I’ll have a lot of questions. I appreciate all feedback and help along the way. I realize it’s time sensitive and I’m stressing out about it. If I do arbitrate does that mean I’ll have to pay a lump sum in the end or will I be able to make payments on it. Please help with step by step process as to what I should do. I am in Geauga County Ohio. My debt is last paid on December of 2016 and I owe 4100.00. I have nothing in my name like a home or anything except a 1994 car with salvage title. Thanks again Harry.
  5. Hello I’m new to this forum and I’m searching for help on my civil case. I’m being sued by Javitch and Block who are representing portfolio recovery which the OC is synchrony bank or sams club. I haven’t signed for the mail from the courts yet but I can see they have opened a case against me on my county website. I’m clueless as to how to go about this as this is my first time dealing with a civil suit against me. I’ve read some things on arbitrating my case but I’m unsure what I should do. Please help!!! I live in Ohio btw.
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