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  1. Thank you! It says “The parties have 45 days to complete the process. If no arbitration is filed, this case shall be reset for pretrial conference.”
  2. Portfolio Recovery Associates filed a claim against me in small claims court against a Synchrony Bank/Pay Pal CC account on November of 2018. I filed an answer to their claim along with a lack of subject matter jurisdiction and requested to elect the private arbitration clause. When we got to court the attorney had no idea about the answer/motion (I kindly provided her a copy of the certified notice). The judge ruled in my favor and ordered that my motion to invoke Arbitration was granted. Per tbe Synchrony agreement, we had to use AAA. I filled out the forms, paid the $200 and got the ball rolling. They sent the PRA lawyers 3 requests for the payment for the case to proceed (which exceeds what I owe). The last date was 2/14. I got a notice today that says that they (AAA) are not moving forward with the case because PRA lawyers haven’t paid. My question is, what do I do now? Take a copy of all of the AAA paperwork and file it with the court to cover my a$$?