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  1. Hello, I have been reading alot of material on the forums and see there is a wealth of knowledge as it relates to debt collection. If it is ok, I have a couple questions. Quick background, I have been sued in small claims by Cavalry for an alleged old credit card debt of approximately $5k (no arbitration clause). I responded with a general denial, have recieved my BOP request back from plaintiff that includes bill of sale/affidavit/letter from OC explaining they sold my alleged debt to plaintiff/JDB and approximately 12 months in statements. They also included statements and bill of sales/affidavits for 12 other people that I have no clue who they are. They have since sent me another BOP with just my alleged account info and another debt verification for whatever reason. They are within the SOL as it relates to my lawsuit. I answered their request for admissions and production of docs with denials and from what I gathered/researched, anticipate either a motion for summary judgement by them or some negotiations to start in the next month as we have a Case Settlement Conference coming up soon. I have been researching CCP 96-98 per another members advice and understand this will be my angle to challenge JDB to produce a witness confirming docs in discovery. I am also reading mixed reviews on the forums and other places online that it is still a long shot to defeat JDB. My first question is in folks experience, should I try and negotiate a settlement based on the information I have shared regarding my alleged debt/case and if so, what can I expect? My second question is can I introduce the information of the people they sent me by mistake in to evidence to help my case in any way? Any information is appreciated. Thanks in advance and lets get s dialogue going.
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  3. I did make a thread last month but unfortunately nobody responded. I have been able to get some great help thanks to this site and some of its wonderful members. I will edit my response and appreciate the heads up.
  4. Good morning, I am pretty much in the exact same scenario with Cavalry. I was served a Summoms in October. Responded with general denial. In my naivness, contacted them and requested bill of particulars verbally but they sent a "verification of debt" that included a general card agreement with no identifying info on it, a few statements and a bill of sales identifying an electronic account that is alleged to be mine. I recieved a request for admissions and production of documents request almost identical to yours MouseRabbit that POS was dated February 14th. I have until March 19th to respond to their requests. I used the BOP sadinca listed on the dec. 22nd and mailed it certified yesterday. I am of the belief they have until March 8th to put BOP request in the mail and based on all correspondence I recieved so far from them, it should get to me in 3 days tops. Just wanted to share and let you know im following along, rooting for you and fighting them too!