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  1. I have signed the papers and left court. I took my attorney's advice and did not sign the other paper promising to give up my right to sue them in exchange for removing the info from my credit report. She seemed insistent I not sign away that right, so for once I listened. I'll do as she instructed and try and get it removed with just the dismissal with prejudice. I am pleased with the outcome and again, thank you all for your assistance. I am attaching a copy of my win, with relevant info yellowed-out. And FYI, I got to give my speech and was congratulated by the few ppl left i
  2. Thats the second paper my attorney suggested I not sign @usctrojanalum They wanted me to sign that to remove info from credit report, but CLARO lawyer said I shouldn’t and that the dismissal with prejudice was enough to dispute it with agencies
  3. No, this is the nice lady from the last time I was here in early April. She too told me I was crazy and suggested I go to trial because I’d at least have CLARO attorneys to assist me. After she presented the deal to me, I was at least able to get her to admit that the advice I took online was correct. Honestly, I’d be here all day if I actually attempted to gloat in the many faces of the ppl who told me I was crazy. Numerous CLARO attorneys and even the ppl who work in the basement at the windows. They fought me, tried to stop me from filing my MTC, claiming it was formatted wrong. They rolled
  4. Taken. 🙂 I feel so empowered right now. Wanna laugh and gloat in the faces of all the people in this courthouse who told me I was crazy, and in taking free advice off the internet, I was getting what I paid for. I wonder if the judge will let me make a statement to the courtroom. I feel a speech coming on. 😂 A big thank you to EVERY single person who helped me here and commented in this post, even when I was clearly annoyed with your advice. I learned so much and after 5 months requesting adjournment after adjournment, it’s finally over.
  5. Sitting in court now. Plaintiff wants to drop case with prejudice in exchange for me not going forward with any action against them. I requested my CLARO attorney ask them to also remove account from my credit report. They agreed, but want me to sign another paper agreeing not to sue them. My attorney doesn’t think I should sign that. She says I can get account removed from credit report with the case being dropped with prejudice. I also asked that the account not be resold. What do you guys think I should do?
  6. I found my twin. After my above question wasn't answered, I assumed it was bad/laughable, I get that a lot from the CLARO lawyers... so I went looking for a bit of motivation and found the below thread, where the OP was looking for the same advice concerning arguing her MTC to a judge. I found great answers to various arguments the plaintiff's attorney might bring up. I'm also happy to see the OP's case had a happy ending. @fisthardcheese and @Brotherskeeper
  7. Okay, don't laugh, but I am trying to write out a small defense statement in case the plaintiff opposes my MTC by claiming I waived my right to ask for arbitration. Below is what I have so far. I may only read some of it if necessary. Let me know what you guys think.
  8. I return to court tomorrow and have not received anything from the plaintiff or court saying my MTC is being opposed. Still, not knowing what will happen tomorrow, I want to be prepared for the other side to argue against it. As suggested by @fisthardcheese, I've been trying to find out whether the plaintiff had a certain amount of time to respond to my MTC, but so far have been unable to find out anything via the New York Courts website I've been visiting, or Google in general.
  9. Does what I have posted below mean the plaintiff had 20 days to respond to my MTC?
  10. This is true. But I felt uncomfortable with the questions they wanted me to answer in order to "verify" they were indeed talking to me. When they asked for the last 4 of my social, I was done with the conversation. I don't trust them and conversations they can potentially use against me in court later on are recorded.
  11. Thank you firsthardcheese and usctrojanalum. I'm writing a few notes and talking points for myself, just to be ready. You never know what the opposing side will do, so I want to be as prepared as possible. I'm hopeful because they haven't filed any sort of motion against my motion. However, the attorney's office called me the other day and I refused to speak to them over the phone. Was that a mistake? They claimed they needed to verify some things in advance, including the last 4 of my social. I declined to provide that info and told them if they had anything to say to me the
  12. This is an example of what I mentioned in my above comment. How do I say this stuff SIMPLY to a judge without reading off all those numbers and dates, and so forth?
  13. I copied everything listed in the Sample MTC on this forum. My thing is, do I just go to court and stand before the judge and rattle off previous rulings and court dates? Honestly, a lot of stuff mentioned in the Sample MTC is truncated portions or larger rulings and hard for me to understand, much less try and explain to a judge. I think I need to be able to understand this myself before I can argue it before a judge.
  14. Thank you, firsthardcheese, I somehow missed this comment when it was originally made. I return to court soon and stopped by again to read up a bit more on what I should do or say. As it stands right now, the opposing attorney hasn't filed any sort of opposition that I know of. I'm still a bit nervous, as other than what was in my original MTC, I'm not sure how to find or present New York case laws that favor arbitration to the judge in court.