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  1. There are different loans options available to go with.
  2. After your company goes into bankruptcy it seems quite difficult to repairing your credits. But by proper maintenance and focusing on your goals can help you in repairing your credits. Bankruptcy is not a good thing since it sticks to the credit report for seven to ten years, depending on the type of bankruptcy is filed. Here are some steps which you can follow for repairing your credits: 1) Budgeting your remaining Debts: Bankruptcy swipes out debits so it is better to budget your credits. Start building for emergency funds. 2) Have a check of your credit report: Check your credit reports, sometimes negotiated accounts aren’t reported properly. 3) Have a secured credit card: get a secured credit card as a responsible credit use is the best way to repair credits. 4) Apply for an Installment loan: On the basis of your needs, you can apply for an installment loan. There are various lenders such as [edit] banks who can help you in getting loans. 5) Be patient: The process of rebuilding will take time, so give some time. Edited to remove possible spam.
  3. Hey, I love to spend time on Facebook. I enjoy it.
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