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  1. Hey Moderator any chance we can get a glossary of all these abbreviated terms pinned to the top? So many abbreviations and I'm so confused.
  2. I have my case management conference tomorrow. I messed up in did not fill the case management form. Am I dead? What should I do tomorrow?
  3. Ok guys. I mightve dropped the ball here. I filed my general denial. Sidenote, I was actually verified which is apparantly rare. I have my case management conference on wednesday and I did not file my case management statement. The opposing side did. Is there anything I can do or did I already lose?
  4. Greetings I have been served by Nelson and Kennard on behalf of Capital One. Due to procrastination I have only a couple of days to file an answer. Is there a place on this site with general first steps? Is there a template answer to give? Any other advice is highly welcomed. Thank you.