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  1. it has been 35 days. I was going to send out a letter today giving them a deadline to respond so that when I file the motion I have everything documented if I still don't get a response.
  2. I am being sued by Suttell and Hammer on behalf of original creditor Discover Named Plantiff: Discover Bank Name of Law Firm: Suttell and Hammer Amount sued for: $6900.00 Original creditor: Discover Bank Was served on 07/15/2018 Served by person coming to my residence Letters from Suttel And Hammer before filing suit/prelegal letter Live in Woodland Hills, CA Last time paid account: around 1.5 years ago Opened account more than 3 years ago SOL on account: For CA, is 4 years Status on case:Filed a General Denial within time limit and also served Plantiff with request for production of documents certified. I am wondering what my next step is. I served Suttell and Hammer with request for production of documents and the time frame has now passed (35) days to respond. They have not provided any type of documentation attached to summons and now are not responding to my requests. I am starting to wonder if they have the necessary paperwork to win in court. I was reading that I should file a meet and confer and then a motion to compel discovery, but I am a little confused on how to do all that. I know if they don't respond to that I can file a motion to dismiss. Can anyone help me with this? I was looking on the court website and there is no form for motion to compel discovery only a meet and confer form. What needs to be filed and how do I do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Our court date is not till 07/11/2019. I want to make sure I'm prepared and file all the necessary paperwork within the time limits. Also I have read a lot about pushing them into arbitration to get them to drop the case. Is that something I should be considering? Thank you