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  1. A little background, sued by Midland in Ohio for syncrony bank cc.This is the second suit for the same debt, first was in 2016 and it was dismissed without prejudice before the court date.  Answered the summons pro se and it was accepted by court with a hearing date scheduled for May 21. Now, last time I received a discovery questionnaire before the hearing, but this time I've received nothing. The court laws state discovery must be no less than 30 days before trial. So far I've seen no movement from them on the public court access. So do I go to court next week and explain to the judge they are not upholding the rules of the court and ask for a dismissal, or is Midland going to show up and attempt to settle, ask for continuance etc.  . Has anyone had this happen with their suits? 


  2. So just got off the phone with courts, it was dismissed w/o prejudice so they can file again. After carefully reading this new lawsuit it is exactly the same paperwork filed two years ago, just a different date file. Their 'evidence' is the same. Two acct. statements from the original cc dated 3-2014 and 9-2014. Looks like they have nothing new. Amount owed is same, $2800, although now they are asking me to pay interest on a judgment if they win (last lawsuit requested no interest). I will be filing my answer (I will also just repeat the same answer from 2 years ago). Unless there is something new I can hit them with-any suggestions?