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  1. I had no response to my request for with prejudice. I signed the stipulation without prejudice, sent it in, the case is dismissed. Thank you all so much for your help. I appreciate it, there is no way I would have been able to do this without all of your help! Another win!
  2. I hit the ball. I'll see what he comes back with. It was a two sentence email. His email was not on any correspondence, but I found it online. I expect a quick response. If I don't hear in a week, I will mail a response/follow up and see what happens. Either way dismissal is most likely. Thanks again for the reply @fisthardcheese
  3. @fisthardcheese Yes, stipulated dismissal. I will send the atty an email on Monday morning, see what happens. I shouldn't even worry about the credit report, really, as the SOL will be here before I know it. I will mill all this over this weekend and decide what to do Monday morning. The way I see it, and my first thought when I saw the stipulated dismissal was the without prejudice, that was chosen for a reason. Maybe it is only the most common dismissal, the easiest, or cleanest for them, but maybe it was chosen to refile and keep options open in the future. I do want this over but to close
  4. @nobk4me that is what I was thinking, but also wanted to be sure my accepting wouldn't be a bad move. I think this went better than expected, although I was prepared to fight, saving my energy for happier things in life is a relief. Thank you for your input!
  5. I had a typo in the 2nd past post, it should say without, fixing it now.
  6. @BackFromTheDebt without, yes it is possible for them to start a suit again. Will they? I have no idea, but that is why I was cautious and came to the forum first before signing and sending. But if we are talking pretty good odds they won't. I'm ready to be done with this. I know we don't have a crystal ball, but if odds are in my favor, I'll go ahead with the dismissal without.
  7. @BackFromTheDebt @Clydesmom Ah, I see. I spent a lot of time reading the forum here, and I possibly may have been mixing up the with prejudice dismissal, asking for credit line removed and making it go away permanently with a certain time point in the process that had moved from SCC or the first steps of the court case. I think it was recommended when the arb was in process, or someone had used those steps to get a positive settlement once arb was in process and JAMS was filed? @fisthardcheese Does that sound correct? I have the dismissal without prejudice to sign and send, they will
  8. I do believe that I have seen something like that mentioned when reading the forums. They may have never gotten the memo but they sure were hand served my MTC. I will await a response! Until then thanks again for any insight!
  9. And thank you to everyone on this forum! Without any of these topics and threads, I could never have gotten this far!
  10. Filed my MTC the day of last court date, yes. @nobk4me @BackFromTheDebt Letter from atty came today with stipulation and order for dismissal. WIHOUT prejudice. Anyone want to give me an idea on what my reply should be? I know I want with prejudice, them to take it off all three credit reports and not have the ability to sell the debt. Should I just blatantly write a short letter that states my terms?
  11. Now that I have a little retrospective, I'm not sure why this happened. It very well could be a personality issue. Speaking of corruption, I saw this article yesterday from my city: Yes, corruption in government happens. This SC court really is a mill, one large room with clerks, 4 side chambers for hearing, no clerks in the back chambers, no reporters, no recording, seems very backwards to me. More of wait
  12. Ah, yes, mine is too simple for this attorney, but thank you. I would file my MTC again with the appeal? I filed it today with my simple answer. I will also be researching court rules, procedures, etc for appeal just in case.
  13. Thank you for all your knowledge and replies today! I do appreciate it. I know no one here has to help anyone and I am grateful. I am thinking it is both, no shoots and isn't familiar. Sigh. Onward and upward. Again, thank you for keeping it simple, it really will be or will not be at this next hearing. And if not, I am hoping Circuit Court won't be too annoyed I am coming up from SC. Putting it to rest for a couple months.
  14. Why would the mag mention summary judgement... I found this poking around quoted from the Consumer Arbitration Agreements publication. I'm thinking she just isn't familiar with arbitration? I guess I will just let this be for two months, not much I can do now. I will go in expecting to be denied in July. I'll get my JAMS ready and look into appeal process too. Defendant’s Conduct in the Court Proceeding Defendants initially may proceed with court litigation before raising the arbitration requirement—either because they thought (mistakenly) they could win in court quickly or were ini
  15. What is his/her name. At this point I am willing to pay someone to finish this once and for all. Even it is more than the debt.