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  1. Hello . I had an informal hearing the other day and the judge decided to hear Unifunds motion for Summary Judgment but denied it and set a date for trial. At this meeting I gave the judge a copy of the Consent Order you refer to and essentially the judge and the other attorney were in agreement that the Order meant nothing to me as it was an agreement between Citibank and Pilot and it was signed by the Director of the CFPB (not a judge I guess ) I told the judge I don't completely understand but at the very least, assuming Citibank is compliant, it calls into question the validity of the chain of assignment but any questions could clearly be resolved by seeing the Terms & Conditions of the original bill of sale and the actual Assignment Agreements. He asked the attorney if he had any proof that I made any payments on the account, even just one, and when the attorney said no the Judge told him he'll have to try to prove that I made at least one payment and show a valid assignment . I'm a little miffed that it seemed the Judge completely blew off the order and that to him and the attorney it was a meaningless stack of papers because it clearly calls into question Pilot or any other assignee's right to resell . He went out of his way to give the jdb attorney tremendous leeway and enormous amounts of opportunity to present his garbage. (of course they seemed to know each other well I might add). Where do you stand with your use of the Consent Order in your case? (I am sorry if this was not submitted in the right place)