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  1. As an aside, but relevant to the conversation: It's interesting that I disputed the 4 items I described, all 4 updated to current dates because I did so, then shortly after my dispute items all closed and they were verified as me owing them, my credit rating jumped from ~570 up to 614. Still baffled as to why... I think at this point, based on your feedback, I will recontact the agencies and give another shot to the "pay for delete" approach. Even if I get only one to agree, it's a start. I might then go back after they all show as paid and dispute them again to try to have them removed i
  2. I have zero other open accounts, so there is nothing needing to be paid down. I realize this drags my score down too, due to zero credit utilization. I'll work on that. So I guess your answer/opinion is that I would be better off (from a speed to better credit rating perspective) paying them off and then seeking a cash-secured loan to start the rebuild? As opposed to getting the cash-secured loan to pay them off and start the rebuild at the same time? Also, if anyone knows...is there ANY way to get delinquent payments off my report once I pay them? Has anyone successfully negotiated
  3. Hi Harry - I have spoken to the 4 reporting agencies and yes, was advised that they update it as "settled" or "paid" but don't normally take the item off the report. Since all 4 told me the same thing on removal, I assumed that was just the way it works. I'd love to find out I am wrong and can demand they remove it, but I doubt it is the case. The items are 3 yrs to 1 year old, so the "ignore til they disappear" approach is not an option.I need to deal with them immediately anyway so that I will qualify for a Parent-Plus loan in a couple of months for my son's fall semester of colleg
  4. Hi Folks - Been looking to get a decisive answer on this to no avail: I presently have a 614 and have worked to get my reports all cleaned up. After disputing all items, I am down to 4 legitimate delinquent items, 3 of which offered me a lesser settlement amount. I could easily just pay the 4 items off immediately, which would leave my report as virtually no data, save an old car payment account showing closed and PIF, and my old mortgage showing closed and PIF. Or, I could get a cash-secured loan for $2k to pay them off and start building my credit. My question is this: Would I be better