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  1. May be a stupid question but do I need to check “B” if I just want to settle and explain that I just want more details on their total? Hopefully I can get it handled before trial anyway but I know I have to submit an answer regardless.
  2. I have canceled my appointment with that attorney and am attempting to file my answer. I'll include a copy of what the form looks like. I am going to ask for proof of the debt since they did not really include anything with the summons. Check "A" asking for proof of debt? I can't for the life of me reach anyone at the firm via phone or email so the only thing I know to do to attempt to settle would be to send a certified letter.
  3. The second attorney I talked to was one i received an ad letter from in the mail. Their fees are $1,000 as opposed to $2,400. I would love to just be able to settle with them and avoid having to get a lawyer and go to court but it seems like that isn’t going to happen in my situation.
  4. I received a summons on Friday for a $12,000 credit card debt with Barclays. The last time I made a payment was September 2017, it’s listed on my credit as a charge off now. The first collection company was northstar, then one named LTD and then the last letter I received was sometime last year from Lloyd and McDaniel. I got tied up in this after I left my job to stay home with my first daughter years ago my husband lost his job a few months later and was unemployed for about 3 months. We are pretty much paycheck to paycheck especially with two small kids but I do have some money from our tax refund and would like to try to settle. Talked to an attorney and he said he usually can settle for about half of the amount owed but his fees would cost me about $2400 and if I make payment arrangements they’re usually for the entire amount of the original debt. There is no court date listed on my summons, just basically shows me as defendant and Barclays as plaintiff and says i have 14 days to file an answer. I have no idea what to do.