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  1. I, believe, this is a good case to throw into a MTD as the courts lack jurisdiction to render judgment on the merits which must be submitted to a arbitrator to decide.
  3. Found this, so i don't know if opting out will help with BK on credit reports. ( LexisNexis also does not suppress personal information from the following products and services: products containing information regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (except as required by law); third party data available through real time gateways; news; and legal documents. ).
  4. how does one opt out of Lexis Nexis?
  5. 2711.16 Jurisdiction of courts of common pleas. Jurisdiction of judicial proceedings provided for by sections 2711.01 to 2711.14, inclusive, of the Revised Code, is generally in the courts of common pleas, and actions and proceedings brought under such sections shall be brought either in the court of common pleas of the county designated by the parties to the arbitration agreement as provided in section 2711.08 of the Revised Code, which designation is an irrevocable consent to the parties thereto to such jurisdiction, or, whether or not such designation has been made, in the court of common pleas of any county in which a party in interest resides or may be summoned, or if any party in interest is a corporation, in any county in which such corporation is situated, or has or had its principal office or place of business, or in which such corporation has an office or agent, or in any county in which a summons may be served upon the president, chairman or president of the board of directors or trustees, or other chief officer.
  6. Thank you for those files to look at. Do you care to share your actual motion to compel arb that you filed. You did a really good job draft those docs.
  7. Does your state have a borrowing statute, and what state did Discovery receive the payment. Because, the state where the payments were received may have a shorter Statute of Limitations, which you can barrow if your state has a borrowing statute.
  8. Judge stayed the proceedings, so the plaintiff, bears the burden to initiate arb, its nonsensical for defendant to initiate arb action against himself. Capital One Bank (USA) N.A. v. Rotman, 2012-Ohio-480 at Paragraph 7-10.
  9. Can you share you motion, and reply, even their opposition filing, so we can visually see and further understand. it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I agree, if they file suit in Muni court, dismissal is proper, as a stay of proceeding can only be under the jurisdiction of the common pleas court.
  11. Can you share a copy of your MTC?
  12. Penn St. L. Rev. 3.539.pdf