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  1. @MDanish4 I still have not been served yet, so I have not taken any action, except to prepare a MTC. Have you been served already?
  2. @fisthardcheese I am being sued from Portfolio Recovery (RSIEH) for a PayPal card. I filed an answered to the court mentioning Arbitration and I sent a copy to the lawyer. I was getting ready to put together a MTC, but I received an email from their compliance attorney. Stating “ Hello XXXXX, I was reaching out to you to see what we can get done on the above listed case prior to the court setting any type of hearing. I know my client is interested in resolving. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks. STEVE A JAVANDOOST, COMPLIANCE ATTORNEY” Can you give me some pointer
  3. Yes, I meant motion asking for approval to begin discovery. I’m sorry I was confusing myself with the discovery and arbitration process. My court has a form for a civil answer and it states a general denial. I wasn’t sure if I should just use that or submit my own and request for arbitration then.
  4. @fisthardcheese Are you still able to file a motion for arbitration once you file a motion for discovery?? I am in the process of filing an answer for a PayPal synchrony and not sure to go ahead an arbitrate or do discovery (also in Texas).
  5. Thank you everyone for your responses! Sorry I've been stressed trying to prepare for a court case that I had today with a JDB. For some reason they told the judge "no suit". I looked and it said it's basically them dismissing it. Not sure why.. @Way313 Is this your first time in contact with the server? I wonder why they just didn't leave my paperwork... @fisthardcheese Should I go ahead and submit a MTC to the court now? Or should I wait until I am officially served?
  6. I really appreciate everyone's feedback. If I do end up going the arbitration route, what would be the worst that would happen??
  7. Hi @Harry Seaward you are correct. I meant I have not been served yet. I did take a look at the original loan paperwork and it does show that there is an arbitration clause. I have attached it at the bottom of my post (sorry I know the post was really long). It just sounded a bit different than the synchrony clause that I have been seeing around the forum, so I am not sure if this would work in my favor or not.
  8. I have not been sued served yet, but I received a call from my parents that someone has been stopping by trying to serve me, and advertisement letters from lawyers stating that there is a lawsuit. I went through a bad period in 2016/2017 (full time student that was graduating, full time asst. manager with hours being cut, mother to two kids and pregnant, then husband lost his job), basically all the stressed caused me to go into depression and all my accounts ended up being charged off. This will be the 4th lawsuit against me within a couple of months so far, so I really appreciate as much hel